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One Fun Day

One Fun Day is a range of family friendly events run by RSPCA branches across the country. This year we will be holding our celebration alongside the fantastic Centre Paws in Wymondham, an innovative dog-friendly site with therapies, activities, food and fun!

Come along on the 18th June for a fun day out, including a dog show, live music, food and drink, shopping a story telling tent and more!

It’s set to be a really fun day out with lots of things to do for all the family and the pooches! All proceeds go towards the animals in our care so make sure to save the date!

For more information email Leanne at

EmmaOne Fun Day
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Charity Golf Day- What a hit!

We did it!

As you may know, our first ever Charity Golf Day was cancelled in the first Lockdown so after a long two year wait,  it was finally time to tee off!

Dereham Golf Club were our fantastic hosts and whilst the sun didn’t shine as bright as we’d hoped, there were plenty of smiles as the teams arrived for registration and coffee. Not to miss an opportunity to raise vital funds, Krista our Dereham Shop Manager encouraged players to have a go on the Lucky Bucket, a profitable decision for one person as they walked away £60 richer.

With Andy our Animal Welfare Manager and Kye a volunteer at our Dereham Shop manning our merchandise and advice stand, we were on hand to talk to all interested parties about the work we do and how they could get involved.

10am and a shotgun start with all 9 teams teeing off at the same time. Tee boxes had been generously sponsored by a variety of local businesses and their advertising material adorned the tee boxes whilst a digital display promoted them in the clubhouse.

A halfway house full of refreshments were available for the players throughout the day and the homemade sponges from Jean, our Animal Welfare Officer were a triumph. Ably assisted by two event volunteers Jackie and Cathey the golfers were certainly well fed and watered.

Damian from Ptarmigan Photography had kindly donated his time to capture the day for us, photographing the teams, tee shots, green shots and for some rather embarrassingly bunker shots!! Whilst Emma our Shared Services Officer was creating digital content for our Social Media platforms.

See his pictures here or send him an email

I was so pleased the day ran as smoothly as it did and it wouldn’t have been possible without the team from the Branch and the team at the Golf Club so my thanks to both. A massive thank you to all the players; through their generosity we managed to raise an incredible £1800

Leanne Neave, Education & Events Officer

Following the main competition there was a putting challenge for players to test their skills on an individual basis.It soon became quite fun and competitive as each player not only tried to beat their own score but everyone else’s too!

Once inside the clubroom the Club Captain said a few words of thanks and welcomed all to the Golf Club. Leanne our Education & Events Officer and organiser of the day thanked everyone for coming, spoke about the work of the Mid Norfolk and North Suffolk Branch and how with the players generosity they could continue with Rescuing, Rehabilitating and Rehoming animals in their Branch Area. A delicious carvery was served by Carla and her team for the golfers to enjoy before it was time to present the competition winners with their trophies. All the trophies were kindly sponsored by Local Businesses and Kate our Head of Income Generation was on hand to present and pose for photos with all the winners.

Through the support of local businesses and private donors we had prizes worth over £1500 on our Prize Draw table. That menat many people went home with a fantastic prize, ranging from hampers, a meal out and vouchers to days out tickets and golf lessons.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors for their support and to Kaisy for the fantastic programme produced for the day. See you in 2023!

EmmaCharity Golf Day- What a hit!
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A day for dogs!

On Sunday 20th March, we are holding a “day for dogs” at Brisley Village Hall with something for the whole family!

Come along and paint a dog figure with Lisa from the Claybarn, have your pet pooches paw print painted onto a keepsake tile, gather together for a family photo or give your canine companion a mini pamper.

From stalls selling dog toys, doggy treats, personalized ornaments and fun crafts for you and your dog, to a pet artist and a behavior therapist, it really is the perfect day for you and your pet!
Our staff will be on hand to answer your questions and keep children entertained with activities too!

Tickets are only £2 per adult and children and dogs go free! There are two time slots available, 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm. Booking is essential so contact us today, you don’t want to miss it! Email Leanne at

100% of the ticket price will go to the RSPCA Mid Norfolk & North Suffolk Branch.

EmmaA day for dogs!
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love your pet day

It goes without saying that all of us at the Branch adore animals. We will go to all lengths necessary to ensure we provide the best possible care and attention required to nurse them back to health and to ensure their welfare is put first.

Our staff and volunteers really go above and beyond their expectations, not just with the animal’s in Branch care, but with their own pets too!  Below, is a story about Bootsie, a feral cat that won all our hearts and is now happy in his forever home!

Bootsie and his 3 siblings came into our care in July 2021 and were only a few weeks old. They were all really poorly with cat flu, and it was touch and go as to whether they would make it. These kittens were feral so human contact was not something they were used to. This meant they were very frightened as well as unwell so treating them was going to be a challenge.

While his siblings health came to improve, Bootsie seemed to have been affected the most and had lots of trouble with snuffles/snotty nose and a runny eye. Sadly, his left eye had to be removed due to the flu like symptoms causing damage beyond repair.

After many attempts at different treatments (some would make it improve slightly), we were struggling to find a solution to the problem and were worried about his quality of life. 

However, we didn’t give up and after further testing we were able to discover he was positive for Calicivirus. This seemed to be what caused the issue with his snuffly nose and runny eye as this type of infection can then cause secondary infections. 

As the weeks went by, Bootsie was closely monitored and during this time he really took a shine to human affection! Our AWO Beth said “honestly he became one of the biggest love bugs I’ve ever known. He would cuddle in your arms all day if he could!”

At his various vet checks, he would just roll around and purr on the vet table, with no care in the world. This was such a result for little Bootsie as not only did we manage to improve his health, we also won his affection and that was so rewarding!

Bootsie is doing well at the moment, he could always be a FCV carrier, so this means he may need regular medical support and vet trips. Due to the FCV and losing an eye, this also means he will be an indoor only cat.

Despite this, he has now found his forever home, a purrrect match! We are so happy we could help Bootise and that we never gave up on him. In fact, we never give up on any animal and always do our upmost best to help them, always putting their needs first.

We would really like to thank Kirsty at one of our private boarding establishments, who have really helped with taking care of our cats and who also helped Bootsie become the love bug he is today.

Our dedicated supporters also played a part in Bootsies recovery. Without you, we could not give animals like Bootsie a second chance, that chance to have what they deserve, a loving caring forever home.

Show us some pictures of you and your pets! Email us

Want to help us help more animals like Bootsie? Click here for ways you can help.

Emmalove your pet day
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Too many Christmas gifts? Donate your unwanted gifts and help animals in need.

Did you receive so many gifts for Christmas you just don’t know what to do with them all? Or perhaps you got something that ‘isn’t quite you’. Well have no fear, our charity shops are happy to accept all of your unwanted gifts so don’t throw them away, donate and help animals today!

Your donations could also go towards our eBay store!

All of our profits go towards helping animals in need whether you shop in our charity shops or on our eBay store, so pop in or online and see what hidden gems you can find! Click here to visit our eBay shop and treat yourself or a loved one and help animals at the same time!

If you would like further information, call us on 0303 040 1565 and we will be happy to help! You can also contact us by clicking here.

Don’t forget to ask us about giftaid. Your donation could be worth 25% more at no cost to you!

EmmaToo many Christmas gifts? Donate your unwanted gifts and help animals in need.
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A new year a new…..

Volunteer role!

We have an exciting new volunteer role to add to our list! Helping animals in need is not just about their direct care, such as feeding them and cleaning their living area. To be able to run an animal welfare organisation and help as many animals as we do every year, we need to generate income and this is mainly done through our charity shops. This role sits within our Income Generation team and will play a vital part in helping us help animals in need.

If you would like to help animals in need and feel you would be good at this volunteer role we would love to hear from you.

EmmaA new year a new…..
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A story to warm your heart on the shortest day of the year

It’s cold outside so we could do with some heartwarming stories to make us all feel good!

A couple of months ago we had a wonderful surprise. Sophie, a #animalwelfarehero came to our charity shop in Dereham and presented our Shop Manager Krista, with a wonderful picture.

Sophie was out one day and came across a pigeon that appeared to be stuck. After careful inspection, Sophie realised that this was the case so she sprung into action! Sophie contacted the National RSPCA to see if they could help. The RSPCA did what they do best and helped the animal in need all under the watchful eye of Sophie. The pigeon, named Penny received the treatment she needed and after seeing all of this, Sophie felt inspired. Sophie managed to raise a huge £15.95 for our Branch and this money will be a massive help to us so we can help more animals in need.

In fact, just £5 could go towards microchipping a cat or dog which is extremely important, especially if your pet goes missing as there will be a bigger chance of you being reunited with them. It is also the law to have your dog microchipped in the UK and will also come into force for cats in 2023.

Leanne, our Education & Events Officer paid a visit to Sophie’s school to present her with a much deserved certificate and a few RSPCA goodies. Leanne said she really enjoyed her visit and also provided an education session to the students. We are so impressed with how Sophot took the initiative to raise some money for her favourite charity and how creative she has been by also making such a beautiful picture to go with it. It was such a clever idea too! Krista has displayed it in her shop she is so impressed with it!

Thank you Sophie, from all of us at the Branch!

Do you feel inspired by this story? Why not take on a challenge or try something new to raise money for animals in need? Maybe it will be your new year’s resolution to volunteer or raise awareness? Whatever it is you feel you would like to so, get in touch with us and we will be pleased to help in any way that we can!

EmmaA story to warm your heart on the shortest day of the year
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Meet the team this Christmas…

Are you intrigued to meet the team and find out what goes on in our Branch? Just to finish off 2021, we asked a couple of team members a few questions. Read on as they reveal all and tune in next year for more!

Gregory Brown
Role & Department:
Chief Executive Officer
Favourite thing about your job:
I have two – working with such a fantastic and dedicated group of people, and seeing the results of their efforts in improving the lives of the animals and people that we help.
Biggest challenge:
Recently it has been managing the detrimental impact that Covid-19 has had on our work, in particular the decrease in income caused by the closures of our shops and cancellation of our fundraising events during the national lockdowns.
Favourite adoption star and why:
There are too many to list, so I’m going to take the easy option (some may call it a cop-out!) and say that they are all wonderful and I’m delighted that they all found the loving and permanent homes that they deserved.
Favourite thing about 2021:
Seeing the Branch bounce back from the impacts of Covid-19, and getting back to what we do best – helping the animals (and their owners) in Norfolk and Suffolk.
Fun fact or story about yourself:
Despite growing up in New Zealand, a country with literally NO snakes in it, they are still my favourite animal and I’m always really excited when our Animal Welfare Team have a snake in that requires our care! Oh, and I still struggle to pronounce certain place names in Norfolk – “Why-Mond-Ham” and “Hap-Is-Burg” still confuse me…
Anything to say to our supporters?
Thank you all so much for taking the time to support our Branch. The help, care and generosity of our wonderful supporters enables the team at the Branch to continue to undertake our vital work to improve the lives of animals in your local area, and long may it continue!
Anna Fehr-Foote
Role & Department:
Head of Shared Services, Shared Services Department.
Favourite thing about your job:
The knowledge that I’m working towards a cause I’m passionate about and that every day is different!
Biggest challenge:
Being a small charity means we have limited resources so many of the team wear many different hats! The role is very rewarding though and when times are tough we all work together for the benefit of the animals we care for.
Favourite adoption star and why:
I am probably very biased here, but I’ll have to say my own two failed fosters Ron and Squidge. Ron came into the Branch from a feral colony and as he had severe cat flu, he had to be kept on his own. As I didn’t have cats of my own I offered to foster him and just fell in love with his funny and sweet personality.
As he didn’t grow up with a Mum or siblings, he never really learnt how to be a cat so in the early days, there was a lot of scratches and biting as he learnt how to play using my hand as a substitute sibling! His cat flu meant he also needed twice daily eye drops, his ears cleaned once a day and pain relief, He’s much calmer now however and his hobbies include chewing and grooming my hair, forgetting to put his tongue back in his mouth and collecting wires.
Squidge is a bit of a mystery having come into the Branch after being found wandering around as a stray cat. She is such a beautiful girl and looks like a pure breed so we thought she must have an owner. She had no microchip and noone came forward for her so I started to foster her in February 2020 telling my partner it would only be for a few weeks. A few weeks later we went into lockdown so that few weeks turned into a few months and by then she’d become such a presence in our lives we decided to make her a permanent member of the family. She’s not as wild as her adoptive brother Ron but does have her moments, her hobbies include chewing the corners of laptops, flopping onto the floor (usually tripping us up in the process and getting high on silvervine and catnip.
EmmaMeet the team this Christmas…
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We are recruiting!

We have an exciting opportunity for a Receptionist to join the team.

The Receptionist will work under the direction of the Shared Services Officer and will be responsible for all reception and front of house activities carried out by the RSPCA Mid Norfolk and North Suffolk Branch.

Working collaboratively with Branch staff, volunteers and Trustees you will be the first point of contact for enquiries into the Branch and will ensure that the customer experience offered is of the highest standard, from initial contact through to outcome.

An outgoing and enthusiastic individual, you will proactively seek to improve and streamline the administrative functions within the Branch where necessary and will possess the ability to react quickly and positively to the changing dynamic of the Branch.

At all times you will maintain the excellent standards expected from the RSPCA and be supportive and sympathetic to the aims of the charity.

We are looking for a team player who is educated to at least grade C or above in GCSE (or equivalent) English and mathematics, who can build internal and external relationships quickly. You will have previous experience of working in a reception and administrative role and possess excellent communication and customer care skills. Your IT proficiency will be outstanding, and you will have the ability to use your initiative whilst working in a busy office.

What’s in it for you?

We are looking for the ideal candidate to join our Branch and in return we can offer a pension, 29 days annual leave per year (including flexible bank holidays), a dynamic and exciting team and plenty of finned, furry, feathered and scaly friends to interact with!

EmmaWe are recruiting!
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