Help with Neutering Costs

Neutering is a crucial part of responsible pet ownership. If you're worried about costs, we can help.

Neutering vouchers

As well as our adoption and rehoming work, we provide subsidised neutering vouchers and a free microchipping service for pet owners to help them care for their animals.

We work alongside select veterinary partners to deliver a reduced cost neutering and microchipping service for pet owners that live within our branch area. Subsidised neutering is available for cats, dogs and rabbits and can be applied for through our online application form below. These vouchers are valid for six months and can also include a free microchip if you need one.

Apply for a neutering voucher

Please click the link to complete our application form for a subsidised neutering voucher.

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Here are some frequently asked questions we hear about our neutering voucher process. Still unsure? Contact us for more information

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Frequently Asked Questions

Neutering is a surgical procedure performed on animals such as cats, dogs and rabbits, which removes their reproductive organs.

In males, neutering involves removing the testicles, a procedure sometimes known as castration. In females, it involves removing the ovaries and often the uterus, a procedure also sometimes known as spaying.

Neutering your pet can have various health and behavioural benefits. In males, it can reduce the risk of testicular cancer and in females in can reduce the risk of uterine infections.

Neutering can also reduce undesirable behaviours in pets such as roaming, aggression and urine marking.

It is also a crucial part of responsible pet ownership and population control. Neutering your animals helps reduce the number of animals needing homes and care.

There is a postcode checker before you complete the form to check you are in our catchment area. If you are not in our catchment area, you will be redirected to an external site where you can find your local Branch.

Neutering vouchers are only open to individuals not other animal welfare charities.

You can apply for a neutering voucher using the form above. If you aren’t registered already, we do advise that you contact one of the selected vets before purchase, to make sure they are accepting new patient registering.

These vouchers do not cover Keyhole Surgery.

You can purchase one voucher per pet, for as many pets needed. Simply complete a form and payment for each pet.

If you order a lot of vouchers, we may contact you just to confirm your order details.

The only payment you have to make is the cost of the neutering voucher, we cover the rest.

For a voucher for a cat it’s £40, for a dog it’s £130 and for a rabbit it’s £70.

However, this does not cover keyhole surgery or any additional procedures that may occur while under anaesthetic (such as termination of pregnancy).

Some charities offer a voucher where they will pay a certain amount of the vet bill, which is different to our scheme.

Only certain vet practices have partnered with us to provide a discounted neutering service, which are the ones shown when applying.

Your neutering voucher will be emailed to you within 14 days of purchasing, to the email address provided on the submission form. Please make sure you check your Junk Mailbox as well.

If this time passes and you still can’t find it, please get in touch.

Here are some frequently asked questions we hear about our neutering voucher process. Still unsure? Contact us for more information

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