Meet the Team

Our Animal Welfare team all work tirelessly to support animals within our Branch area. They are the friendly faces behind every adoption, rehoming, financial aid and neutering voucher we issue!

Animal Welfare Team

Favourite Animal

Border Collie


Head of Animal Welfare

After loving animals from the year dot, I honed my skills and passion further by spending 5 years studying animal science and welfare, completing both a NDAM and a BSc (Hons) in Animal Science and Welfare. I have had various jobs caring for a variety of animals from insects and reptiles to livestock and domestics. I joined the Branch to try to improve local animal welfare on the frontline, but literally ended up taking most things home for some TLC. That is how I’ve acquired multiple animals who are all considered ‘broken’ in some way, this includes a cat who is deaf, and only has one kidney. I manage a crack team of Animal Welfare Officers and a Coordinator who deal with many aspects of each animal’s transition through the Branch and onto new homes. We all put our blood, sweat and tears into our job, (sometimes literally) to make sure the animals receive the best welfare and outcome possible. Interesting fact about me, I recently qualified as a sheep shearer!

Favourite Animal

Horses and Dogs


Animal Welfare Manager

I joined the Branch in April 2019 as an Animal Welfare Officer after previously working in a variety of different job roles across Norfolk. I gained my degree in Marine Biology and Natural History in 2009 and I initially worked for Redwings Horse Sanctuary before teaching on the Animal Science and Welfare pathway at Easton and Otley College. I left teaching and then joined Norfolk Constabulary as a PC based in Norwich City Centre working with a variety of different people and situations. After working several roles out of the animal welfare sector, I realised that I wanted to come back and work with animals, so I successfully joined the RSPCA! My favourite animals are both Horses and Dogs, I'm afraid I can't pick just one!

Favourite Animal



Animal Welfare Coordinator

After moving to Norwich from Kent, I started volunteering for the Branch as a Cattery Assistant at the Barrack Street Branch in 2013. I then moved with the Branch to North Tuddenham and took on the role as a Volunteer Receptionist and also began fostering the cats and kittens. Since May 2018 I have been employed as Animal Welfare Coordinator, mainly dealing with welfare enquiries and neutering vouchers. I have always had animals in my life especially cats. I have 5 cats at the moment (apart from all the foster kitties, currently 15) and will always be amazed at how different their personalities can be. Yes, I think I am the proverbial Mad Cat Lady! I love working for the RSPCA as it is never boring, you never know how your day will work out and I get great satisfaction seeing an animal change from being very sick to a healthy and happy animal again.

Favourite Animal



Animal Welfare Officer

Hi, my name is Charlotte but I am also known as Tigger at the office as I am very bouncy and fast moving. I used to be a receptionist at a 4* hotel so I am extremely organised and can deal with situations with the public well. I have a Level 3 Animal Management qualification and before starting at the Branch I had volunteered for 3 years as a home visitor. I am an Animal Welfare Officer for the RSPCA Mid Norfolk & North Suffolk Branch, I deal with the vets, signing animals over, rehabilitating, fostering and the entire adoption process. I love working for the RSPCA as its rewarding knowing we have rescued the animals, made them better and then found them their new furever home. My favourite animal is a Tiger because they are solitary animals, playful, they love water and they are majestically beautiful. I think they are incredible.

Favourite Animal

Cats and Highland Cattle


Animal Welfare Officer

Up until 2008 I had been a successful business partner for over 10 years but decided I needed a change of career. I joined the Suffolk East Coast Branch of the RSPCA as a re oming assistant where I began to expand my knowledge of animal welfare and the needs of these desperate and vulnerable animals coming into Branch care. During these 11 years I learnt every part of the job with regards to rehoming rescue animals and their needs during this sometimes long ardous journey. I also studied to become an Animal Medicines Advisor and formalised this by achieving SQP status which enables me to Prescribe & Supply animal medicines and give advice. Over the years I have been tempted to adopt many of the animals who have come in sick and injured but the lucky one (for me) is my cat Jag whom I adopted from a kitten many years ago now. In 2019 Suffolk East Coast Branch merged with the Norwich Branch and I became part of an excellent team of dedicated animal lovers and I now hold the position of Animal Welfare Officer for the RSPCA Mid Norfolk & North Suffolk Branch. Never been happier than I am now in my working career.

Favourite Animal

Cats & Sloths


Animal Welfare Officer

I began my journey to working with animals by studying a National Diploma in Animal Care, which led to me going to university to study BSc (Hons) in Animal Behaviour. When I began studying animals I always knew that I wanted to work for the RSPCA, and am unbelievably proud to say that I now do! My expertise is my knowledge with cats from my previous role, and my dissertation study was about cat behaviour too. Although I have lots of knowledge on cats, I also have a background of working with small animals and birds too. I am proud to be a part of the RSPCA, it is undoubtedly rewarding to know I play a part in improving the lives of animals and finding them new homes where they can receive the love they deserve. As you may have guessed, one of my favourite animals are cats, but I also absolutely adore sloths too!

Our Shared Services team keep the organisation going by looking after our administration, customer service, I.T, communications and governance.

Shared Services Team

Favourite Animal

Bushmaster Viper


Chief Executive

I have a real passion for animal welfare and have been lucky enough throughout my 22 year career to have been an RNZSPCA Inspector, Veterinary Nurse with Guide Dogs for the Blind, RSPCA Branch Development Adviser, Regional Manager for Cats Protection, Head of Volunteering at Battersea Cats & Dogs Home and was the Chairman of the RSPCA Essex North East Branch. I can honestly say that I love my role, and am very lucky to work with such a fabulous team of staff and volunteers who have all the skills, experience and enthusiasm in order to achieve positive outcomes for animals. That’s what we’re all here for, and that’s what makes the RSPCA the best animal welfare charity in the world.

Favourite Animal



Head of Shared Services

My background is in administration in the not-for-profit sector but I have always loved animals so when the opportunity came up to work for a Branch of the RSPCA I was thrilled! Every day is different and exciting and I have learnt so much watching our fantastic Animal Welfare Team at work. I found it really hard to choose a favourite animal but I would have to say bumblebees are one of my favourites as they are so important to our environment and are really extraordinary little creatures.

Favourite Animal

Cats and Horses


Reception and Administration Coordinator

I previously worked in the NHS for over 6 years and wanted to broaden my horizons with my ongoing love of animals and that is when I was lucky enough to come across this ideal role at an ideal time! I have learnt a lot from our amazing team, which continues daily. I love the fact that we encourage education for members of the public and that animal welfare truly does come first for us. I have spent my life growing up with cats, but I am a sucker for all animals, even the furless! 



I grew up opposite a smallholding in rural Suffolk and helped the farmer for pocket money year round where I developed a love for pigs, chickens and feral cats! I love all animals but pigs and horses are my favourite. I am delighted to have the opportunity to work as a Receptionist at the RSPCA Branch alongside the dedicated and brilliant teams here and at the shops. Already I'm seeing the incredible work of the Animal Welfare Team and enjoying the varied and surprising nature of my own work each day.

Our innovative Income Generation team is made up of our hospitality, retail and education and events team. They help us to raise the vital funds through events, necessary to help us to continue to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome more animals.

Income Generation Team

Favourite Animal

Dogs and Horses


Head of Income Generation

Following a successful career in mainstream retail, I jumped at the opportunity to join our local branch of the RSPCA. As Head of Income Generation, my responsibility is to ensure that we have sufficient income to sustain the wonderful work we do. I love being part of such a progressive team who all want to make a real difference in the world of animal welfare. My favourite animals are horses and dogs of which I'm the proud owner of both! they keep me very busy but it’s so rewarding to know that I`m giving them their very best life!

Favourite Animal



Education & Events Manager

I joined the Branch in January 2019. Having previously worked in Local Government for 13 years delivering training and education events in schools I saw this role as a combination of my two loves, educating children and adults and organising events to not only reach a wider audience for animal welfare advice but to raise much needed funds for the Branch. It is so rewarding to be part of the journey the animals we deal with go on, I get up in the morning with a purpose, the work of the whole team is inspiring and I am proud to play a part. I never believed in the "perfect" job and enjoying the work you do but this role has proved me wrong on both counts. My favourite animal is a penguin (although we don't have many of them) but on the domestic front I better say a cat or my son would never forgive me!!

Favourite Animal



Retail Trading Manager

I joined the Branch as Retail Trading Manager in August 2022. I have always been passionate about animals and the first job I had after leaving school was at a Riding School where I gained a Level 3 in Horse Care and Stable Management. I have always had pets with a Horse, Rabbits, and Budgies on the list though I currently have Guinea Pigs, Gerbils, and a Dachshund at home. My dream is to have a small holding with chickens, ducks, goats, pigs and maybe even an alpaca or two!      I have over ten years’ experience of working in charity Retail and anyone who knows me would tell you it’s something I am very passionate about. Being able to combine my passion for Charity Retail and love of Animals to support the shops in raising as much money as possible to help fund the amazing work that the Branch does is a dream come true for me. I have always had an interest in Birds, especially birds of prey, but would have to say my favourite animal is a Rhino.

Favourite Animal



Income Generation Assistant

Having grown up with pets and having a love of animals my whole life, I have continued to have various pets in our family home, passing on my love and respect of them to my children. Over the years we've had dogs, cats, chickens, fish, rabbits and guinea pigs. I have worked in various office admin jobs most of my working life. I joined the RSPCA as part-time Income Generation Assistant in June 2022. I absolutely love my job. It is so varied, helping with fund-raising events, dealing with Gift Aid, health and safety among other things or helping our shops with any queries or assistance with organising maintenance. It is a great team of people all working hard towards an end goal of helping animals. My favourite animal is a giraffe. I love the fact that they are such strange looking creatures but with such beautiful faces!

Our fantastic and creative Shops team help us to manage and run our nine charity shops across Norfolk and Suffolk.

Shops Team

Love my job! I must have been in this role as a Shop Manager for 24 years. In my role, every day is a challenge to try and make as much money as we can by displaying merchandise in the best way possible, changing displays on a regular basis but most importantly customer care, knowing their needs and listening. My passion in life is animals, I love them all, one Labrador in particular! The team of helpers I have here and all the volunteers, work very hard to make the shop inviting to the customers with good customer care. We do extra events such as fashion shows which I enjoy putting together but the staff all help, it’s a team effort. As for the future who knows.

I have worked many years for various charities and retail outlets. My passion is animals. I have had various animals from hamsters to horses and taken in many injured and rescued animals over the years. At present I have two ponies which are a black Fell and a chestnut New Forest. I also have four rabbits, two of which are rescues, a guinea pig, a hen and a dog called Tosh who is a Jack Russell Cross Westie. Tosh was handed over at only three days old as his mum had passed and he was hand reared. I took him on at fourteen weeks old and he has accompanied me to work from the day I took him on and now accompanies me to the Cromer RSPCA shop daily. He loves all the staff and volunteers and has made many new friends. We are both privileged to work for a great charity.

I joined the RSPCA team at Cromer in 2014 as a volunteer where I helped out with a wide range of tasks. In 2017 I was offered a job with Cromer mainly to do the furniture side but also running the shop and organising the volunteers and general running of the shop. I am very proud to be a member of the team at Cromer and to work for the RSPCA.

Animals are my passion. I volunteered my time while studying in college and leapt at the chance to join the team in 2013. I've spent a lot of hours working with animals and volunteering with public services. I am a believer in do what you can, when you can, how you can, where you can. Working hard to provide the public with a pleasant experience along with quality used and new items is made all that more rewarding knowing all the proceeds goes to helping to offer animals care and welfare in their time of need. Choosing a favourite animal is an almost impossible task, I'm a keeper of black cats so they hold a special place.

I am the Shop Manager of the Dereham store and have a long history in retail and hospitality. I am a huge charity shop fanatic and myself and my large family are very mindful of re-use and recycle, this has passed down to my children who are now also avid charity shoppers! We love nothing better than 'hunting for treasures' together, be it a bed set to re-purpose into a blind or some wool to make a market bag we love it! As an animal loving family, we have had almost a Noah's Ark of pets from large to very small and now we share our world with Susie the Ball Python, Penny the long dog and Ripley the wonder cat! I consider myself to be very fortunate to be in a job that I absolutely love whilst raising funds for such a worthy charity. I get to come into work and be in my element demonstrating my passion for creativity with dressing the shop windows or a merchandising theme. I also have the added bonus of getting to know our lovely customers and lots of fusses with their dogs (and sometimes cats!) that come into our shop, with their owners of course.

I've been obsessed with animals since I was a child, becoming vegetarian at the age of 12 and recently becoming a Vegan. I have always had rescue animals and wanted to be involved in helping them anyway I could. I have always worked in retail and have been in management roles for 20 years and managing a store to raise money for neglected and abandoned animals has fulfilled a lifelong ambition. It's a pleasure to come to work knowing the difference you make!

My love of animals definitely came from my parents, especially my Dad who was constantly rescuing German Shepherd dogs (his favourite breed) and so I grew up surrounded by big affectionate dogs. As much as I would love a big dog I only have room for a little one and so at home (and sometimes at work) I have my little spaniel Leo who just loves all the attention and fuss he can get. I started with the RSPCA in 2018 and feel really proud to be working for such a wonderful charity which helps animals and people in so many different ways; and as an added benefit I get to fuss all of the dogs who come into our shop with their owners!

After 20 years of commercial retail including many roles and projects, I joined the charity retail sector. I have been with the RSPCA Mid Norfolk and North Suffolk Branch since February 2022 and find raising funds for animals through selling pre loved items so fulfilling. I have always had cats as pets from as long as I can remember. If I won, the lottery, I would set up a cat rescue centre!

Before joining the RSPCA family I worked as a classroom assistant teaching special youth with complex and profound difficulties discovering hidden amazing skills. I also have worked in IT which involved visiting customers, writing and developing bespoke software. Here I met my husband of 29 years. We have six children and have cared for various pets including Twitchy, Fudge and Truffles the rabbits and Rex Gandalf, Charcoal & Flash the guinea pigs. I also have a long sales background, working in store and as a jewellery rep travelling around Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. Home work included childminding and selling on eBay and Amazon. I am wholeheartedly behind all the RSPCAs aims and feel privileged to be able to be fundraising for such a good cause.

Having previously worked as a photographer, publican, teacher, writer and door to door salesman amongst other jobs - I was so lucky to move to my favourite part of the country (Norfolk) at the same time a position came up to work for RSPCA, synchronicity at its best! Being an only child, always moving when I was younger, dogs were my constant & best friend - as they are now. To be able to give a little back to animals that have given so much to me is a privilege.

I'm the manager of the Wymondham shop and have been for the past 21 years, this is our second shop we moved to our present location in 2012 from a smaller shop just across the road. I really enjoy working in the shop with our lovely customers and volunteers some who have been here longer than me! What I really enjoy is the variety of each day from the lovely donations, to dressing our windows. You never know what each day will bring sometimes nothing (!) or sometimes it’s overwhelming, but we cope. We also have lots of lovely customers who regularly come in for a chat and then we can give their dogs a treat too.

I have worked in the Wymondham shop for 9 years where I started doing two days a week, this year it changed to three days. Most days I love my job I have a lovely hard working group of volunteers in the shop. I enjoy the customers that come in and their dogs which are my favourite pet of all, Labradors being my love of my life, having had my first at only 5 years old.

Interested in joining the team?

Click the link below to see our current vacancies and volunteering opportunities! Unfortunately we do not have an animal centre so are unable to offer any volunteering or work placements working with animals on site but we do have number of roles available in our shops, as event volunteers or fostering.