Postcode: PE112xe

Lost from: Norwich
Date lost: 23/03/2020
Animal type: Cat
Breed: Mixed
Pet's age: 1 - 8 years
Pet's sex: Male
Colour: Black and white
Neutered: No
Microchipped: No
Collar: No
Any other information:
This male cat was bought by female from Norfolk,Norwich. It was heartbreaking decision too sell him,but I was looking responsible,loving homes for Prince. Unfortunately he run away after 1 week from her house. He does't know the area ,because he lived before in different town. The lady which bought him didn't had any intentions to look for him. Prince is not neutered,no microchip,but he's very smart and friendly. He's about 4-5 years. Please anyone help me with any information about him,I want to know if he's safe ,if he's found home.. Any information will be helpful.

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Madeleine HallPrincas