A mischievous trio, who could be adopted individually or as a pair or trio

Tyke for adoption

About Tyke




- Domestic Short Hair


6 months.



Tyke is one of three kittens from a large feral colony. Tyke is defiantly naughty but has since grown into a elegant young man, with huge ears and long legs... legs he uses to zoom round his pen and get up to no good with his two brother Spike and Butch! These 3 are huge personalities, the most loving young guys and wanting to know what you're up to and how they can be naughty! They will offer hours of entertainment and be super fun to watch. These guys could possibly be rehomed with calm children who understand they are super playful which might mean toes are considered 'fishys' and get pounced on!

Butch, Spike and Tyke did have a stomach parasite in our care but this has since been cleared and confirmed with tests. Due to being from a large feral colony, their stomachs have developed to be quite sensitive and we have spent many months of trial and error finding out what agrees with their bellies! Due to this, we are adopting these guys out on a gastrointestinal food (simply put a bland diet) which we advise they are continued with to keep them happy and healthy.

These boys could be adopted individually or as a pair or trio.

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Our Adoption Process

There are a few simple steps to go through before welcoming your new pet into your home.

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Step 1:

Complete an application form

Once we have received your completed form, one of our animal welfare team members will contact you to arrange either a physical or virtual home visit before offering a viewing either at our Branch office, at the fosterer, or at the private boarding establishment the animal is being housed at.

Step 2:

Getting to know each other

We conduct a physical/virtual home check and once this has been passed, you can arrange to view the animal at a time that works best for you and the fosterer. Our home checks are conducted by our Animal Welfare Team who will contact you directly to arrange a time that suits you. Home checks are a common practice when adopting from most animal welfare organisations, and are done as part of our duty of care to ensure our animals find an appropriate home, so please do not be offended when asked to arrange one. They are nothing to worry about and our staff are suitably trained to make sure the process is as relaxed as possible – they are also a great chance for you to ask any questions you may have about your potential new pet.

Step 3:

Welcoming your new pet

Once the home visit has been conducted, we will arrange the adoption process to be completed at a time suitable to you and the fosterer. Please note: as part of your adoption from us, your new pet will be neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and will have received internal & external parasite treatment. If the animal is too young at the time of adoption, we will supply you with a voucher for neutering and pay for their first vaccinations. You will also be provided with a complete veterinary history of your new pet and 4 weeks pet insurance with PetPlan. This can take up to a week to be compiled so there may be a delay between a home visit being approved and the adoption appointment taking place.