Kent Brockman, Hans Moleman,Dr Hibbert, Mayor Quimby, Principal Skinner, Sideshow Bob

These Simpsons mice are longing for their forever home

Kent Brockman
Hans Moleman
Dr Hibbert
Mayor Quimby
Principal Skinner

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1 year 6 months.



Hello! We are the "Simpsons" mice. We are 6 males looking for our new home after coming from a multi mouse home. We need a little time and patience to become more used to being handled, but we are a sweet looking group of fellas! We could potentially go into smaller groups, or as a group of 6 if you have a wonderful big cage for us to go into. Could you give us our new forever home?

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Our Adoption Process

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Getting to know each other

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Welcoming your new pet

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