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Apply to adopt Butch

Please be aware that we will contact you to discuss your application via email, so please keep an eye on your inbox and junk mail folder. If we do need to call, any phone calls from the Branch will be on a ‘withheld’ number

Apply to adopt
Are you interested in one animal or a pair?
Do you live in a flat?
Please note: we do not rehome cats or dogs to flats above the ground floor unless the animal can come and go with it's own access.
Are there any children in the home?
Do any children visit regularly?
Do you own other pets at the current time?
If you rent your property we will need proof from your landlord or estate agent that they are happy for you to have a pet.
If renting, do you have written permission from your landlord to have pets? Please note we must see proof of permission before proceeding with the adoption so it is best to get this as soon as you can to avoid any delays.
Do you have a house move or holiday planned in the next 8 weeks?