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Rosie and Jim #ForeverHomeFriday

Our #ForeverHomeFriday series is where we catch up with our previous adopters and find out how they and their new family member is getting on! Want to be featured? Get in touch.

Today we catch up with Rosie and Jim, two kittens who were in our care in late 2018.

We adopted Rosie and Jim (originally Christmas and Guy) from the RSPCA in November 2018 when they were kittens. They, along with their sisters, had had a bit of a dramatic start to life, born to a pet cat when the owner had no idea she was pregnant. They were born outside, and one day, their mum just carried them all in.

They are both lovely cats with big, very different personalities. While both are very chatty, Jim wants to be friends with everyone, while Rosie is more shy. They love to sit in the garden, among our flowerbeds, or chase each other around the house. They’ve recently turned two, and we can’t imagine our home without them.

The adoption process itself was very smooth, and, in our case, we were surprised how quick it was. We happened to get in touch at just the right time; Rosie and Jim’s litter had just had their first vaccinations. We met them at their foster home and arranged a home visit. The whole process took about a week in total.

AnnaRosie and Jim #ForeverHomeFriday