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Our adoption story- Jersey & Squares

We are Jersey and Squares and we live at the beach. That’s right, we are beach bums! We both came from different backgrounds but luckily, we ended up with the same fosterer who took really great care of us. Here is our adoption story.

Squares was born whilst in Branch care and her mum is called Pringles, (yes, they were named after crisps). Our Animal Welfare Team rescued Jersey after she was found outside without a mum. Jersey was a feral kitten and she was not getting the correct nutrition for her to grow into a healthy strong cat. Although the team spent time searching for her mum, she was nowhere to be seen so it was decided that Jersey (and her siblings) would be taken into Branch care.

Jersey was taken to Sue, one of our expert fosterers who is used to dealing with tiny kittens and regularly fosters kittens without mums that need to be bottle fed. Sue was also fostering Pringles and her kittens and as Pringles was such a great mum, she stepped up and became a surrogate mum to Jersey!

Their new owner had been looking for some kittens for a while and really wanted to adopt and support his local Branch of the RSPCA. Knowing that the RSPCA receive many applications for kittens, (our Branch in particular can receive up to 100 applications in one hour of the kittens going onto the website) he patiently waited.

After applying for one kitten, he was a little too late and his application was not successful however a week later, he fell in love with Jersey and Squares and managed to get his application in quick enough to be considered. After going through the next stages of the application, chatting with the Animal Welfare Team and the virtual home visit, he welcomed Jersey and Squares into their forever home!


Hi I’m Jersey and I love my new life at the beach. I like to cuddle my sister Squares and we follow our new hooman everywhere. Some days, he sits with this box thing at the table and says that he is doing something called work. It’s a bit boring to watch but I still get to be with him so I don’t mind. He  also gives me treats so that is a bonus!

I really like watching hoomans that walk passed and there are lots of birdies here that I like to watch too. The hoomans next door are also my new family, I know this because my hooman goes there and eats a lot. I think they call it a BBQ. I also I like to go and see them. They do have a big cat who is older than me and another really big cat that they call dog (pictures below). They also call it Tilly, it’s very confusing.


I am a little shy but I do like everyone. When I get to know other hoomans I don’t mind a cuddle with them and my sister Jersey makes me feel braver when I see her cuddling them. I have so much space at the beach and I have my own double bed. My hooman says its his but clearly it is for me. He can share if he likes as he does give me treats and cuddles!

Without the RSPCA me and my sister may not have been rescued and that would have been sad. Thanks to them and their hoomans that they call supporters, we were cared for and now we have the best forever home ever!

Thank you for reading our blog, if you would like to share your adoption story with the Branch like we did, email them at

EmmaOur adoption story- Jersey & Squares