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On the ninth day of Christmas our Branch came to see…..

Nine feral trappings!

Throughout this year, we have been to nine different feral colonies on nine different sites. This programme also referred to as Trap Neuter Release (TNR), involves the humane trapping of feral cats, neutering them and then returning them to their colonies.

TNR is an effective method known for managing feral and community cats and controlling their population. The cats are trapped by our Animal Welfare Team and brought to a veterinary clinic. They’re then neutered, tested for FIV/FELV (this is done in the form of a blood test), given preventative treatment for fleas and worms, microchipped and eartipped. Eartipping is where 7-8mm of their left ear flap is removed whilst under anaesthetic, is an internationally recognised mark to show which cats have received treatment and so don’t undergo the stress of trapping again.

After they’ve recovered from their surgery, the cats are returned back to their original site. All sites are named by our Animal Welfare Team and the cat’s microchip will reflect the area they have come from. If one is picked up, they can be scanned and identified as a semi feral cat from a particular site that is known to our Branch.

On occasion, very young kittens without a mum or very unwell cats will not be returned to site and instead will come into the care of the Branch. They will be put into foster care until they have fully recovered then a new permanent home will be found for them, using our normal adoption process.

Neutering cats, as well as stabilising the population has other benefits: fighting, yowling and other noise associated with mating stops, the foul odour caused by males spraying to mark territory disappears and the cats, no longer driven to mate, roam much less. The cats themselves are healthier and less likely to spread feline diseases. Meanwhile, rodent control is maintained by the cats’ continued presence.

As you can see, we go to all lengths to help feral colonies!


EmmaOn the ninth day of Christmas our Branch came to see…..