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On the fourth day of Christmas the Branch came to see…..

Four quail birds!

In March, four quail birds came into our care after being mistaken for hens! That’s right, their owner originally thought they were hens however it turns out they are all male and they began to fight each other. Their owner was concerned for their welfare so they were signed over to our Branch and are now living happily in their forever homes.

Quails are distinctive due to the combination of their stocky bodies and long, pointed wings. Their upperparts are brown, streaked and barred with buff, while their underparts are a warm buffy orange. Rarely seen, they are more often heard giving a distinctive “wet-my-lips” call.

Their breeding range reaches as far north as the UK, where they are the only migrant species of the Phasianidae family, which includes heavy ground-living birds such as the pheasant.

Due to their historical decline, quails are on the Amber List but are now in partial recovery. They are also listed on Schedule 1 of The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. (RSPB)



EmmaOn the fourth day of Christmas the Branch came to see…..