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On the eleventh day of Christmas our Branch came to see…..

Eleven Collies Playing!

In September 2021 we had eleven collies signed over into our care from a house of over twenty! Their previous owners just couldn’t cope with so many and after accepting help from the National RSPCA, we assisted in taking on eleven of them. They had possible UTI’s and hadn’t been socialised properly so they needed some extra TLC and some expert training.

All the collies we received had lacked proper socialisation but with some TLC, they all started to become smart, intelligent little pups all with bright futures ahead of them. We have already found homes for some which is heart-warming, especially as I am a collie lover myself!

Chloe, Animal Welfare Manager

Here are some fun facts about Collies

• They are incredibly smart dogs.
• Queen Victoria loved them.
• They are excellent herders.
• Border Collies also make brilliant search and rescue dogs.
• They are superstars at canine activities such as herding, obedience, and agility.
• They are very people-oriented and are wonderful family dogs.

Although they do make fantastic pets, Border Collies were originally bred for herding sheep so they need lots of exercise and mental stimulation to avoid problem behaviour.

This highly intelligent, graceful dog is born with an instinct to work and responds extremely well to training. They are alert, agile and incredibly quick, both mentally and physically and relish the chance to learn and let off steam.

• Border Collies will thrive in active, outdoorsy households where they can be part of the action.
• Generally a sociable breed, Border Collies normally enjoy the company of other dogs and can get along with cats if introduced from an early age.

EmmaOn the eleventh day of Christmas our Branch came to see…..