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My rescue story

Hello everyone, my name is Vinnie.. although I’ve been called Vince, Vinky, Gobbo, Berry and Fluff Bean, along with lots of other strange names. I am 9 months old, but for the first times of my life the RSPCA looked after me very nice, after being found in the cold with my siblings. I was borned outside and I dont remember very much, other than the scaryness.. I am so grateful for being brought into the warm and fed yummy foods, I learned what a cuddle was and met my first friendly peoples!

They called me Blenhiem and my brothers and sisters were named after some other big houses, but I can’t spell them. As my confidence grew, the nice lady told me we were going to see my new parents and I was so anxious, but excited too! I met my new Mum, Dad (Who also wears the blue cloth with the RSPCA letters on it), Grandad and Aunties, who all for some reason were obsessed with my fluffy cheeks.. hoomans are strange! They said I looked like a little ‘Vinnie’ and I liked this word too. It was at this time I also met my tabby cousin friend called Bilbo, who was the master of the house. At first he was scary but after a while he liked to make sure I was washed and played with; teaching me how to be a fully pledged kitten and expressing my zoomy feelings. I was told I would have a kingdom of my own one day but it was being painted, I wonder what paint is?

This is me and my first good friend Bilbo, I miss annoying him around the house

This is also me just being cute


After a while of flouting my cuteness and some of the rules of the first house, the promise came true and I am now the master of my own house, although there are no stairs (boooooring). I love having my own space I can run around in and make beds where I like! It’s just Me, Mum and Dad here at the new castle which means I get all of the attention, they love me so nice and give me crunchy niceness and tummy rubs whenever I so demand them, how good is life?!  In return, I give them headbutts and chirp sounds, which seems to make them very happy and a suffice form of payment. Life for me is very tasty and good and I am still learning about all the things I am capable of, such as making louder screams when I need something to crunch on. Mum and Dad call me funny and weird because I only like things that are crunchy.. wet food is gross. I also know how to make bread with my paws now like a professional, I know this because my parents get really excited when I do it


I always like to make sure I watch them brush their teefs


Nowadays, I like to relax lots and get plenty of play time in, but I especially like getting daddies attention when he’s typing on the clicky rectangle and talking to himself whilst holding the odd block item. He tells me to stop because that’s how he pays for my Dreamies.. How bizarre. Anyhow, he still lets me hangout near him as long as I behave. The other thing I do now, is being taken outside in the big garden to sniff around. This is so scary to me still and I think the warm wall squares indoors suit me for fine for now, I just think they are trying to help my confidence! My rescue story is a simple one, without those friendly people picking me up and giving me a home I probably would not be here making all this trouble.. so thank you so much!



Daddy keeps on telling me it’s Valen-times day soon? I think it’s a day about times of love.. But I heard on the magic picture box that things are different this year, as some families and couples can not celebrate or play outside. This makes me sad, so I have some Bonus Vinnie approved tips to make it extra special for your partner at home!

  • Serve up some nutritious chicken crunchies, with a sprinkle of Dreamies for luxury seasoning
  • Roll up paper balls for your loved ones, they will love the crinkle noises trust me
  • Make breads for them. I like to make batches on the back of my parents sofas for a good texture
  • Last but not least, provide tummy rubs. Your partner needs to roll around on the floor or your favourite rug with their legs and hand legs in the air to command one

I hope you enjoyed reading about me and my new castle.. Please remember to help other little ones like me and my siblings, by helping the nice people in Blue who saved me. I was also offered extra crunchies tonight to remind you we have a special newsletter, which is free to read every month! Put your paws on the link below to make sure you are in time for our Valen-times edition

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Lots of rubs,
Vinnie xxx

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