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love your pet day

It goes without saying that all of us at the Branch adore animals. We will go to all lengths necessary to ensure we provide the best possible care and attention required to nurse them back to health and to ensure their welfare is put first.

Our staff and volunteers really go above and beyond their expectations, not just with the animal’s in Branch care, but with their own pets too!  Below, is a story about Bootsie, a feral cat that won all our hearts and is now happy in his forever home!

Bootsie and his 3 siblings came into our care in July 2021 and were only a few weeks old. They were all really poorly with cat flu, and it was touch and go as to whether they would make it. These kittens were feral so human contact was not something they were used to. This meant they were very frightened as well as unwell so treating them was going to be a challenge.

While his siblings health came to improve, Bootsie seemed to have been affected the most and had lots of trouble with snuffles/snotty nose and a runny eye. Sadly, his left eye had to be removed due to the flu like symptoms causing damage beyond repair.

After many attempts at different treatments (some would make it improve slightly), we were struggling to find a solution to the problem and were worried about his quality of life. 

However, we didn’t give up and after further testing we were able to discover he was positive for Calicivirus. This seemed to be what caused the issue with his snuffly nose and runny eye as this type of infection can then cause secondary infections. 

As the weeks went by, Bootsie was closely monitored and during this time he really took a shine to human affection! Our AWO Beth said “honestly he became one of the biggest love bugs I’ve ever known. He would cuddle in your arms all day if he could!”

At his various vet checks, he would just roll around and purr on the vet table, with no care in the world. This was such a result for little Bootsie as not only did we manage to improve his health, we also won his affection and that was so rewarding!

Bootsie is doing well at the moment, he could always be a FCV carrier, so this means he may need regular medical support and vet trips. Due to the FCV and losing an eye, this also means he will be an indoor only cat.

Despite this, he has now found his forever home, a purrrect match! We are so happy we could help Bootise and that we never gave up on him. In fact, we never give up on any animal and always do our upmost best to help them, always putting their needs first.

We would really like to thank Kirsty at one of our private boarding establishments, who have really helped with taking care of our cats and who also helped Bootsie become the love bug he is today.

Our dedicated supporters also played a part in Bootsies recovery. Without you, we could not give animals like Bootsie a second chance, that chance to have what they deserve, a loving caring forever home.

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