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Hi, i’m Shadow

Hello you, yes you…. please stop and read my story, I want to help other animals learn how lovely humans are!

I am Shadow ‘Bean’ Billington, I was born on the 14th May 2018, which is exactly two weeks before my mum and dad’s one year anniversary!! So it was obviously meant to be, I’m their first child!

So my story started with the RSPCA when I was around 7 weeks old, I was found all by myself as a stray, but I was too little to be outside, so they caught me and brought me inside (I say they, as it wasn’t my mum who caught me, she was in Spain at the time, getting a sun tan, got her priorities all wrong clearly)…..

When my mum (aka Charlotte) returned to work, I was sitting in a little kitten pod in her office I think it’s called. I was very noisy, meowing all the time, but as soon as anyone came near me, I ran for cover and hissed. I wasn’t really sure if they were nice giant cats or not, I couldn’t work it out. I was named Shadow and that night I came home with Charlotte to be fostered (I knew she couldn’t resist my cute little face). The first few days were tough, I didn’t want anyone to touch me, I was very hissy and stressed about being in the living room in my crate. I was moved upstairs into my future mum’s bedroom. My dad picked me up and I let him give me tummy strokes, I also realised at that exact moment my body was vibrating and I felt all warm and fuzzy inside, oh no… I’d let the humans make me purr!! The tough feral/stray act was out of the window then, so I played and snuggled and decided to give them a proper chance. I didn’t want to be locked in the crate even for 5 minutes, so I screamed the house down until eventually she gave up putting me into it and just let me go wherever I wanted to.


Once I was big enough, I went up for adoption and this family came to meet me, they loved me of course and said they would like to reserve me, but unfortunately things didn’t work out with them and I didn’t make it to their home. At this exact moment, my foster mummy decided she was never going to let me go! She loved me very much and the thought of me ever leaving her, made her very sad. She signed some type of contract (I can’t read, so I’m unsure what it said), to stay she would look after me, love me and feed me forever and ever!!!

Meow-ving on to 2 ½ years and I am still her most favourite animal in the whole wide world and I wouldn’t ever want her to leave my side either, so we made a pact that we won’t, we even pinky swore on it and everything, so that can’t be broken!

If you’re a stray animal reading this, wondering if you should give humans a chance, I say do it!!! You won’t regret it and they will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside just like I do every day now. They’re not as scary as they seem (and look let’s be honest) I PROMISE!

EmmaHi, i’m Shadow