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Get out and about this summer

July is National Picnic month so if you enjoy getting out of the house and eating outdoors then this is the month for you! Of course, you can do this at any time of the year and in any weather (each to their own) however as it is National Picnic month; let’s take a look at the benefits of getting outside and some of the activities you can do whilst enjoying your picnic.

Wildlife spotting

Sharing the space with the local wildlife is very special! Why not see what you and your family can spot whilst you’re enjoying your picnic? Remember to observe from a distance as you do not want to disturb or scare the animals.

Bird watching

There are so many different species of birds across Norfolk & Suffolk, so this game will never get old! Try having a few picnics in different areas such as the woodland or by the coast. This will give you even more opportunities to see some of our lovely feathered friends that we are so lucky to share our landscape with.

It’s good for your mental health

Being outdoors is good for your physical and mental wellbeing as it can help improve your mood, help you feel more relaxed as well as be more active.

Below are some pictures of some wildlife you may see on your outing. Do you know what they are called and where you might find them? Why not challenge a friend or family member to see who can name or spot the most!

Don’t forget to take your litter home with you

On average the National RSPCA receive 14 calls a day about animals affected by litter and these calls spike in the summer months. And, as pet owners go directly to vets, and many injured wild animals are never found, it’s estimated that the actual figure of animals injured by litter is much higher than the RSPCA currently knows.

Everyday objects that seem perfectly safe, can sadly become hazardous when found accidentally by animals.

By disposing our rubbish safely instead of littering we are making choices that could save many lives. Protecting animals from harmful rubbish is easy.  Dispose of your rubbish responsibly by putting it in the bin, reusing or recycling! If you are out and about and cannot find a bin, take your rubbish home with you and put it in your bin. For more information on how litter affects animals, click here to go to the National RSPCA website.

EmmaGet out and about this summer