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Hello everyone, I’m Jess. I’m the coordinator for our eBay store and online sales for the RSPCA Mid Norfolk and North Suffolk Branch. It’s nice to meet you.
Here at our eBay store we are a relatively new venture that I’ve built from the ground up and we continue to grow everyday. Over the last year in particular our eBay store has become more vital then ever. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters and customers alike we have been able to continue raising money for the vital work that is carrying on behind the scenes. eBay is now a full time operation with new listings almost everyday, weekly auctions and a large selection of buy-it-now items.
In my role I manage the sale of items from all seven of our shops across Mid Norfolk and North Suffolk. I’m involved in the entire process from finding things to sell, researching the items to ensure their quality and accurate description (this part can take the longest!), taking photographs to display the item and then wrapping and dispatching it once it’s sold! This is a very rewarding part of the job and lets you know you are doing it right when something you’ve listed sells.
If you visits us @rspcamidnorfolkandnorthsufolk on eBay you’ll see we sell a bit of everything. Some things you can find all the time, like our range of Pooch’s dog treats, new 100% recycled dog toys and our RSPCA Eco cups. Others are new goods that have been kindly donated to us and have a limited number, these are often dog treats and pet toys. When these are gone they are gone!

A fantastic gift idea

Lovely dog toys

Delicious natural dog treats

Then there are the one of a kind pieces, these are what really make our eBay store interesting. They can range from perfumes, branded coats and boots, jewellery, rare collectables, antique pictures, ornaments and nostalgic toys. Currently we have a lot of DVDs, blu-rays, books, marvel comics and Pokémon cards; all the things you need to stay entertained while being stuck inside.
If you ever contact us on eBay it will most likely be me you talk to. I’m always happy to answers questions about any of our items, update you on your order and make sure you’ve had a great experience shopping with us!
Now you know a little about what I do, I look forward to seeing you all shop with us soon!
Thank you for your time and support.