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Working from home on reception in 2020

2020 has been a unique year for us all, staff and supporters included. For me on Reception, it’s proven to be no different, with changes to everyday life which would once have seemed impossible to imagine! I have enjoyed helping people and in extension, the animals too during these uncertain times, providing advice and guidance from home to ensure those who need us understand we are still here and operational. Being asthmatic and living with my partner who is high risk, the decision was made to house reception from my home in March. I want to firstly say a big thank you to my team here at the Branch, whose support has been fantastic and unmatched. We are lucky to have such a dedicated team whose passion for animal welfare is unrivalled; it helps keep me going in the most difficult of times. I would also like to thank all the people who have contacted us via the phone or in writing. From those looking to make donations to raising welfare concerns, you have helped tremendously in these unprecedented times and your passion is appreciated. Going forward, I hope we continue to stay safe as can be and remain positive; helping each other where we can whilst promoting exceptional care for animals

The first era of working from home proved very tough to begin with, as I did not have my family pets with me in isolation. If you are like me, we rely on the company of animals heavily and this was affecting my morale. I did however, foster a young adult cat to provide some relief for the Animal Welfare Team. This short-lived period was unforgettable, for we provided each other with much needed attention and support.  As lock down ended the first time, I returned to the office to resume reception work from there (Covid proof of course). Not long after, we introduced working from home again to ensure safety and to adhere to government guidelines. It was actually around this time in the summer, me and my partner decided to adopt a young cat via the RSPCA and we have never looked back since. He came to us as Blenheim, to which we renamed him Vinnie and little does he know how special he is to us!

To summarise, it has been a pleasure having the opportunity to continue to provide support from home and brings me pride knowing that our services did not falter throughout this pandemic. Likelihood is, I’ll be working from home until further notice so me and Vinnie will be ready to take your call! Stay safe and bless you all.

Here are some pictures of Vinnie for you to enjoy!

Jamie – Receptionist

EmmaWorking from home on reception in 2020