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Why shop in a charity shop?

Our charity shops are opening back up on the 12th April which is fantastic news! If you haven’t visited our shops before, why not come along to see what hidden gem you may find?

If you need persuading (not that you do) then here is a list of just some of the reasons you should shop in a charity shop.

Value for money

One of the main reasons that our shops are so popular is that they are great value for money. In one shop, you are able to buy clothing of all types, jewellery, games, books, pet food all at a really cheap price and the list goes on! Not only are you getting a great deal, we are too as all of the money you spend on your purchase goes towards helping animals in your local area.

It's sustainable

Someone’s unwanted item may be the exact thing you are looking for so instead of it ending up in landfill, you can enjoy it and make it your own. Not only will you be helping the environment, you will also be helping animals too. Click here to see our blog on recycling. 

It's original

You may be able to find clothing and other items that will not be available in other bigger stores, allowing your originality to show and not be copied. There are not many places that you can find vintage items and random books for example! Also, when somebody asks where you got your new item from, you can happily say that this is a one off item you got from the RSPCA Mid Norfolk & North Suffolk charity shop and it was an absolute bargain!

To raise awareness

First of all, you can raise awareness about the effect mass consumption in shopping has on the environment and instead of buying completely new goods, you can buy  perfectly good-as-new items for half the price. Not only that, your custom means we can help more animals in need in your local area and by shopping in our shops, you will become an advocate for our Branch, showing your support for good animal welfare.

So there you have it, a few amazing reasons why you should give our charity shops a go. We have seven shops in total and to see which one is closest to you, click the button below!

EmmaWhy shop in a charity shop?