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On Monday 12th April, our shops reopen and we are now looking for shop volunteers! By being a shop volunteer you will be contributing to helping animals in your local area and if that isn’t enough to get you interested, maybe these top seven (a lucky number) reasons will!

1.    Volunteering is good for your health. 

Volunteering will help you get out a bit more and is great motivation. If you have been feeling a bit isolated recently, volunteering is a lovely way to get back into your community and we will happily welcome you to our team. As well as giving you a sense of purpose, when you volunteer with us you will also be helping a good cause, which is always very rewarding.

2.    Volunteering is good for your self-confidence.

If you are not that confident or you are anxious about getting back out there after lockdown, our shop volunteer role is perfect for you. Not only are we covid compliant with extra measures in place, we also have a dedicated team that will ensure you are well looked after. Not only that, some of our shop roles involve being out the back of the shop meaning you do not need to see any customers if you are not yet ready.

3. Volunteering expands your social network.

Meeting new customers and becoming part of a caring and dedicated team, you are sure to improve your social network. Whether you do choose to work out the back sorting through donations, or on the shopfloor, you will be part of something really special.

4.  Volunteering can help you develop new skills.

Would you like to learn something new? We do offer training for every volunteer role so whether you are experienced or new to the particular role you choose, we will always be here to help.

5. Volunteering can help you put existing skills to work.

We all have a wide range of skills that we do not have the opportunity to show off every day! How about using yours to help animals in need? We always appreciate you showing us what you can do and welcome all skill sets as well as new ideas!

6. Volunteering will be great for your CV.

If you are looking to get back into work or to build new skills, volunteering in one of our shops will do just that. There are opportunities for you to learn customer service, use the tills, do some visual merchandising and have a look into how an animal welfare organisation is run.

7. Volunteering in one of our shops will make a difference to animals in need. 

Our shops bring in the much needed funds for us to keep going. We need volunteers to help us make that difference just like we did for over 615 animals last year.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes?