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#ThursdayThoughts: The Mad House

Hello and welcome again to another edition of #ThursdayThoughts! We have another interesting insight to what life looks like from home, kindly provided by our Animal Welfare Manager Chloe. Despite being busy with the rest of the team she has taken the time to share this with us!

Working from home in ‘The Mad House’

Welcome to the jungle, we take it day by day… Generally a good synopsis of our house right now!

Our job varies day to day at the best of times however recently things just got more interesting and now working life and home life blend together. Currently a typical working day is a mixture of home working on admin, invoices and logistics along with call outs to move animals to safe locations such as fosterers when animals are brought into our care along with many vet visits, adoptions, supply drops etc.


My job includes such a variety of situations and anything can happen when you receive a call from an Inspector or Animal Collection officer! A typical conference call at the moment involves my foster parrot announcing her presence with a “Helllooo!”followed by a wolf whistle or two. Thankfully most of our calls are internal however I do get caught out on external ones and have to explain that I’m not currently in the jungle, (especially if I have foster budgies or cockatiels).

Due to lockdown, we had to move animals quickly into various fosterer carers which meant several animals appeared in my house (thankfully I have a very understanding husband). This included a heavily pregnant cat who decided on the Tuesday night (the day after lockdown was announced) to start giving birth just as I walked in the door! This lead to around 3 hours of not being allowed to leave the kitchen as mumma cat (Puma) wanted me by her side. The first two boys presented upside down and breach but thankfully I have lambed many sheep so have plenty of experience in animal midwifery although this was far more intricate! Check out our Instagram and Facebook to watch the kittens grow!

My household consists of various animals from birds, to reptiles, to small furries or cats and dogs. Normally my husband receives a text with something along the lines of “there’s a terrapin in the living-room” whereby I normally get a reply of “of course there is, why wouldn’t there be!” What many people do not realise is how often we as staff take home multiple different animals to ensure we can get them to safety. We also have many hard working private boarding establishments, veterinary staff, Inspectors and Animal Collection Officer who have all worked tirelessly to make sure our animals are safe and cared for. Many people do not realise how much of our lives become work but we do it for the love of animals!

Oh there goes the phones again… I wonder what animal will need our help next…


Thank you Chloe for this insight into the ‘Mad House’!
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Madeleine Hall#ThursdayThoughts: The Mad House