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# ThursdayThoughts: Missing my pets

 A warm hello to all of our important supporters and fellow animal lovers. Jamie here continuing work from home and #ThursdayThoughts has me thinking about how much I miss my pets…

It’s safe to say we are all experiencing something new and scary right now. A world on lockdown with their families and loved ones, stricken with uncertainty and likely anxious thoughts. Some are lonelier than others but some are with their beloved pets and companions, which makes isolating a more tolerable, entertaining, familiar and comforting process. The perfect company for whatever comes. ​Many across the country and my fellow colleagues here at the RSPCA, share frequent content of what life is like behind their doors with their pets or fostered friends. They make me smile and ponder of home, for I am too a father of 3 felines. On the other hand, it also brings a heavy heart, for isolation for me didn’t quite work out the way I wanted. I will be honest and admit… I am envious! I am without them and more to the point, finding this very difficult at times. If you are like me, then you’ll know how much we rely on the company of our beloved pets. They sooth my aches when I hurt and satisfy my need for laughter and attention. Without a voice have comforted me on nights when no one could and effortlessly focus my mind into a place of here and now. I often wonder if they truly know just how special and important they are… The soothing effect of my mental state they provide is irreplaceable ​and undeniable.
Luckily, they are living comfortably no doubt in the house I grew up in. Safe and well loved with my parents, in my home away from home and I remain grateful they are in the best of care. I might not be the only one isolated without the warmth of their beloved pets, so this is to say that I understand and share these feelings with you. If you are in my position and without a loved one, or are surround by loved ones, either way feel free to share your lockdown story with us​
Before our distancing, I would visit every week to spend time with my family including my 3 very special babies. This is something I will never take for granted again. Since then I’ve adapted like many others who are missing family and pets, requesting updates, pictures and video calling to help fill that void. I’m sure you’ll understand when I say that nothing can replace the feeling of touch or a cuddle, or even the smaller more simpler fondness of the sound of a meow or purr​.
Despite this, we can still find comfort. My 3 Cats are so incredibly unique with such funny personalities, I am bound to them emotionally and I trust this is something fellow animal lovers and empaths recognise. We can still remain grateful for those we have waiting for us, it just takes some practice and positive thinking. I exercise this by video calling them often (With a little help from a human) and have made photo albums of them, many of which are situated around the house and work space so they never stray far from my thoughts. Imagine how they make you feel and let that feeling fill you up. Over the years my furry friends have successfully contributed to my wellbeing and as mentioned before, even when no one else or no matter of words could. If you are like me and rely on the company of animals, know that it gets easier, we just have to channel the emotions into a grateful train of thought. Let the happier times with them inspire you to remain strong and healthy! If you are with them already, then make sure to give them extra hugs…

Here’s a little bonus content about the furry ones in question​

Meet Maggie

Maggie is 14 years old and has been my best friend for all these years. She is extra special and most certainly unique, I have never quite met a cat who’s just as loving, kind and affectionate as her. She bears a distinct love heart shaped mark on her fur. A sign of her angelic nature perhaps?… She also from a kitten developed a habit for ‘Suckling’, which we suspect comforts her. Still all these years later as a grown lady she still suckles with just the cutest little look imaginable. The corner of your hand or finger, even your nose if you’d let her.. She simply just wont stop suckling. When I get low I tend to call home and request ‘Put Maggie on the phone’. I am put on loud speaker so she knows it me and will suckle the edge of the phone, as if she is speaking to me! It’s almost too cute to be true. Our bond is legendary in the household as she comes to my voice and has loved me unconditionally throughout the difficult periods of my life. I have been so fortunate to have been raised with animals in a loving home and met many wonderful souls in my journey with the RSPCA. However she is hands down the most angelic, selfless being I have had the privilege to call family. ​
Favourite Foods: Cheese and Cream ​
Nicknames: Squeaky, Bingle Berry, Maggules ​

Meet Peppy

Peppy is a young boy, who’s delicate long fluffy coat and intelligence is outstanding and unmatched. My father and Sister heard a distant cry one night some 4 years ago and found a tiny abandoned kitten on a most bitterly cold and dark winter evening. He laid in a bush in the garden, with no telling how he got there. It was so cold outside even the bin lids had frozen down; he would never have survived that night if they did not hear his feeble cries. He was in a bad way and on that night did not exactly smell of roses, so as a collective decided to raise him and name him, quite appropriately, Peppy (After Peppi La Pew). His cheeky personality is a perfect balance for the household and knows his way around a human being like no other. Some days we question if he even remembers the rescue mission on the fatefully night, for he tends to spend most days coaxing you for treats, all day everyday. When sleepy, Peppy is simply the cutest. He enjoys milking soft dressing gowns and instantly reverts back to a kitten like state, when no other cats are around to witness. It’s almost like it’s our little secret, he wouldn’t want the other cats on the estate knowing he was a softie! We love his cheeky behaviour and whilst we still have no idea where he came from, we regret nothing from that night ​
Favourite food : Dreamies ​
Nicknames: Pippip, Shrepy​

Meet Ginger Moon Boots


This young fluffy man came to us from a house nearing our estate due to being neglected. We actually had our first encounter down an alley way which connects to the cul-de-sac my parents situate. Understandably mesmerised by his big ginger coat, handsome face and white boots I knelt down to express my admiration, putting my hand out to see if he could sense my intent. We made eye contact and he ran to me, rubbing and purring, rolling around and smiling. I don’t think anyone had genuinely showed him love before. He followed me home and would simply refuse to leave. We knew of his owners so kindly carried him back night upon night, with little thanks from them. Ginger Moon Boots, or Nirny as we like to refer to him by, came back every evening with the same result. We picked him and took him home. This continued for weeks until his owners insisted we take him, as he had clearly chosen where he knew he belonged; in a loving household. He is now much happier, healthy plus much less ‘skitty’! He enjoys drinking rain water we collect for him more than any cat I have ever seen and welcomes belly rubs like no other. Nirny has also learned recently the magic of a running tap and will make frequent attempts to enter the bathroom in hopes of enjoying water that way. Like Maggie and Peppy, he projects the most unique and friendly noises, equally as adorable. You can really feel the appreciation and love from him everyday and there is never day we regret the moment we opened our door for him

Favourite food: ​Felix Pouches
Nicknames: Crimson Nirnroot, Nirny

Thank you for reading and for your continued support!

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Madeleine Hall# ThursdayThoughts: Missing my pets