Stephen Read

Stephen Read is the Treasurer of RSPCA Mid Norfolk and North Suffolk Branch. He has overall accountability for the finances and it could be good news that he is a chartered accountant. He has held various executive finance roles across East Anglia over the years although he is not local. He is from a Lincolnshire farming family and whilst his family had many animals when he was younger, the farm is now purely arable.

“We’ve always been a cat family and our current companion is Slinky, a large black feline who’s size belies the fact that he’s a true ‘scaredy cat’. At sixteen years of age he’s now entitled to take it easy. What do I bring to the Branch? Well, aside from finance and governance experience I am keen to push the Branch to do more, particularly to promote education and awareness – in the long term I truly believe that will reduce the number of animals that need our attention and that is a good thing.”

adamStephen Read