Up until 2008 I had been a successful business partner for over 10 years but decided I needed a change of career.  I joined the Suffolk East Coast Branch of the RSPCA as a re oming assistant where I began to expand my knowledge of animal welfare and the needs of these desperate and vulnerable animals coming into Branch care.  During these 11 years I learnt every part of the job with regards to rehoming rescue animals and their needs during this sometimes long ardous journey.  I also studied to become an Animal Medicines Advisor and formalised this by achieving SQP status which enables me to Prescribe & Supply animal medicines and give advice. Over the years I have been tempted to adopt many of the animals who have come in sick and injured but the lucky one (for me) is my cat Jag whom I adopted from a kitten many years ago now. 

In 2019 Suffolk East Coast Branch merged with the Norwich Branch and I became part of an excellent team of dedicated animal lovers and I now hold the position of Animal Welfare Officer for the RSPCA Mid Norfolk & North Suffolk Branch. Never been happier than I am now in my working career.