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Taking care of your pets in hot weather- Rabbits and rodents

Summer is here! Although the weather can be hit and miss at this time of year, how are you keeping your pets cool on those extra warm days?

Read on for some tips from the National RSCA on keeping your pets cool this summer.

  • Avoid leaving cages, runs or hutches in direct sunlight.
  • Remember to keep rabbits and other pets in a safe environment. Don’t house animals in greenhouses, conservatories and other glass buildings as they can heat up very quickly and become dangerous.
  • Always make sure your pets have plenty of shade in their enclosures – remember the sun moves across during the day so areas that were shaded in the morning could be in full sun in the afternoon!
  • Regularly groom pets to get rid of dead hairs helping keep them cool (while offering bonding time as well!).
  • You can freeze a semi-full plastic bottle of water and wrap it in a towel so pets can lie against it. For rabbits and guinea pigs, this can be left in their exercise areas. For small rodents place it on the outside of their enclosure. It’s safest not to put it into rabbits or guinea pigs shelter or directly in small rodents enclosures (in case it leaks!).
  • If you suspect your rabbit, guinea pig or other pet may be suffering from heatstroke, move them to a cool, shaded place; wrap them in a cool, damp towel and phone your vet immediately.
  • Make sure you provide extra water during warmer weather as pets will drink more.
  • In summer you should also check your pets twice daily for signs of flystrike.
  • For pets that live indoors, opening a window can allow for a breeze and help keep them cool. Just make sure your pets aren’t in any draughts first!
EmmaTaking care of your pets in hot weather- Rabbits and rodents