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Do you have a concern about an animal?

Reporting an animal that is sick, injured or in distress.

If you need to report an animal that is sick, injured or in distress, or you have a concern about an animal,

you will need to call the National RSPCA on 03001234999

As we are a separate Branch from the National RSPCA we cannot take action on these calls as we do not have an inspectorate. We also do not have a direct line to National regarding animals that are sick, injured or in distress so we cannot report these for you. We can however, talk you through the reporting process and provide you with information if you need it.

So what does being separate from the National RSPCA mean?

This means we are a separate charity with our own governance and we cover the Mid Norfolk & North Suffolk area. However, we still work under the guidelines set out by the National RSPCA.

Does that mean all Branches are the same?

Most Branches of the RSPCA are separate from the National Society and there are over 150 Branches across England & Wales. However, services differ from Branch to Branch, for example some have animal centres, some are centres for equines and others have veterinary clinics.

Our departments & services

With 29 team members and many wonderful volunteers stretching out across different departments of the Branch, we are a small team dedicated to promoting good animal welfare in your local area.

We do not have an animal centre or a veterinary clinic however we do provide a variety of services and support for pet owners to help them care for their animals.

Animal welfare department

 Subsidised neutering

The Animal Welfare Team (AWT) work alongside select veterinary partners to deliver a reduced cost neutering and microchipping service for pet owners that live within our Branch area. Subsidised neutering is available for cats, dogs and rabbits and can be applied for through our online application here. Once your application has been received, the AWT will process this within two weeks. If your choice of vets is not listed, you may pick one that is closest to you. We cannot offer vouchers for any other vets that are not on our current list.

Financial Aid

We also offer financial aid for veterinary bills and the AWT will look at this on a case by case basis. As a charity, we are unfortunately limited in our resources so are not always able to offer assistance but will always try to or signpost if appropriate.


The AWT work with a variety of animals such as cats, dogs, rabbits, small furries, birds and exotic species. We do not have an animal centre, opting instead to work closely with private boarding establishments, along with our team of dedicated volunteer fosterers to look after the animals we currently have available.

Education & Events

Our Education & Events Officer plays an important role by promoting awareness and educating members of the public and the younger generation on positive animal welfare. We are able to offer educational presentations and talks to a variety of different groups and audiences such as schools, community groups, clubs, societies and events. More information on our events will be available soon!

Income generation & Retail

Our shops and our eBay store are vital as they help support the services we offer, caring for animals in your community. We have seven shops in our Branch area so why not pay us a visit when we are back open? You can find us in Attleborough, Cromer, Dereham, Queens Road (Norwich) and Magdalen Street (Norwich), Sheringham and Wymondham.

Central Services

If you email or call us, you will get through to our lovely receptionist who will then provide advice or divert your calls to the relevant departments within our Branch. CS also does the volunteer recruitment, monthly newsletters, website updates and social media.

Please see the rest of our website more information on our Branch. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on or 03030401565 or email us

EmmaDo you have a concern about an animal?