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Reduce- Reuse- Recycle

On average the National RSPCA receive 14 calls a day about animals affected by litter and these calls spike in the summer months. And, as pet owners go directly to vets, and many injured wild animals are never found, it’s estimated that the actual figure of animals injured by litter is much higher than the RSPCA currently knows.

Everyday objects that seem perfectly safe, can sadly become hazardous when found accidentally by animals. By disposing our rubbish safely instead of littering we are making choices that could save many lives. Protecting animals from harmful rubbish is easy.  Dispose of your rubbish responsibly by putting it in the bin, reusing or recycling!

Help the environment, eliminate landfill and protect wildlife with these top tips!

There is no better time to start making a change than now, and with seven charity shops and an eBay store we have got you covered! An added bonus to donating or shopping with us is that whatever you buy or donate you will be helping animals in need in your local area.

Here’s some simple ways you can save the environment and save animals:

  • Our shops are opening back up again very soon on the 12th April so why not pay us a visit? We have lovely reusable bags for sale that would look great with our fantastic reusable cup. We also have recycled dog toys too!

Eco Friendly Cups

Dog Toys

Click here to see our list for shops and their location

  • If you cannot wait, you can also purchase all of the above on our eBay store, as well as lots of other unique and lovely items.

Click here to visit our eBay store

  • You can also donate your unwanted items to us to give them a longer life rather than going into landfill. Call us on 0303 040 1565 for information on how to donate to us.
  • Ink cartridges piling up whilst you’re working from home? Sign up to Recycle 4 Charity and you can raise money for our animals whilst recycling them and helping the environment.
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