Holly the Underweight Stray

Holly came into our care as a severely underweight stray.

Holly is probably one of the most dramatic before and afters our Branch has seen. She was so skinny you could see her ribs and it was unclear if she was going to survive. We think she may have gotten lost and then locked in somewhere as she was very affectionate but had not been fed in a long time.
She was placed with one of our fosterers and given a special diet to help her regain some weight. It didn’t take long for her to take to her new surroundings and she actually put on a teensy bit too much weight! She’s a very affectionate cat and even joined us once for a team meeting and helpfully knocked off all the papers from the table and rolled around on top of them – clearly she thought she was the most important agenda item to be discussed.
After being in our care for over a year she was finally ready to go to her forever home and is now happy and healthy in her new home.
AnnaHolly the Underweight Stray