Bud the Crisp Loving Parrot

Bud made National Headlines after her love of crisps lead to her needing to be put on a diet!

Amazon green parrot Bud was 620g when she came into our care in March 2020. At more than 200g heavier than she should have been, she was “extremely overweight” due to her love of crisps! While it’s tricky to tell from looking when a parrot is overweight you could tell when she tried to fly, she would literally drop to the floor.

One of our team decided to give her a foster home and put her on a strict diet, banning all crisps from the house but getting her to stop eating crisps turned out to be tricky! Her fosterer said she has the hearing of a bat and could detect a packet of crisps being opened from four miles away!

Thankfully, she quickly lost the weight after the potato snack was banned and Bud’s weight soon came down.

A year on and Bud is now a healthy weight and able to fly again and has found a loving forever home with her fosterer!

You can meet Bud and her new family here


AnnaBud the Crisp Loving Parrot