Abandoned Rabbits

A couple of members of our Animal Welfare Team were called to assist the Inspectorate after some rabbits were found abandoned on a doorstep.

As a local Branch of the RSPCA we are independent to the National RSPCA and Inspectorate, however we do often work alongside them to assist with animal collections and caring for animals that have been part of a case. In March 2020, a member of the public contacted the National RSPCA after finding rabbits abandoned on their doorstep in a horrific condition. Members of our Animal Welfare Team went out alongside the Inspectorate to investigate and assist and were shocked at the state the animals had been left in. The cage they were dumped in was small, rusty, full of excrement had dirty water and no food and five rabbits had been crammed together with barely any space to move.

It’s impossible to know how long the poor rabbits had been in there for but several of them were very unwell because of the conditions they had been kept in and their fur was matted and their skin was sore. We quickly moved them into new, clean and roomier accommodation with one of our experienced fosterers and supplied them with fresh hay, food, water and lots of toys to play with. We also made sure they each had a full veterinary check and were given all the care and treatment needed. Sadly, rabbits are statistically the most neglected pets in Britain so this is not an isolated case. We frequently see sad cases like this across all species and much of our work involves caring for and rehabilitating animals that have been the victims of neglect and abuse. We receive no government funding and are responsible for raising our own funds so our supporters are a huge part of ensuring that we are able to carry out our vital work.

AnnaAbandoned Rabbits