Samsung the Heartbroken Kitten

At only seventeen weeks old, little Samsung was found to have a life threatening heart condition

Sweet little Samsung was brought into our care at only one week old after his owner could no longer look after him, his Mum and his brothers and sisters.

At a routine health check he was found to have a high grade heart murmur but when this was investigated further, sadly he was found to have Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) which is a heart defect caused at birth. This means his heart was not pumping blood correctly and if he did not receive treatment for this life threatening condition, he would not survive.

We wanted to do all we can for Samsung and try to give him the second chance he deserved but the surgery was quoted to be at least £3000. Samsung was only seventeen weeks old and could have a long happy life ahead of him full of catnip, toys and love so we decided to have a fundraiser for him and asked our wonderful supporters help us raise money for his surgery. The fundraiser made National news and incredibly we hit our target and he was ready to have his operation!

The whole team were holding their breath when he went in for his appointment and we were waiting for the call but we needn’t have worried.

The surgery went really well and he was full of beans only after a couple of days! We are so delighted that he is now happy and healthy in his new home!


AnnaSamsung the Heartbroken Kitten