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On the eighth day of Christmas our Branch came to see…..

Eight hamsters chewing

When two became eight! In March we received a call from an owner who was very confused when their two female hamsters had babies! Yes it turns out one was male and the other was female and with this news, the hamsters were signed over to our Branch.  Read on for some interesting hamster facts!

Hamsters were “discovered” in the Syrian Desert

Less than 100 years ago Syrian hamsters were found in the Syrian desert. Although hamsters are native to various parts of the world, Syrian hamsters are the most popular pet hamsters that grow to about six inches long and live, on average, two to three years.

Hamsters are nocturnal little creatures.

Hamsters sleep all day and are highly active at night. They can be very noisy at night as they are quite active and like to run on their wheels in their cages all night long. During the day, they should ideally be kept in a quiet, dim area and left undisturbed to burrow and sleep in their bedding.

They love to hoard their food.

When eating, hamsters will pack their food in pockets, called cheek pouches, on both sides of their faces to snack on later. These pouches can extend from their jaws all the way to their shoulders. Did you know that he name “hamster” comes from the German word, hamstern, which means “to hoard.”

Their teeth grow continuously

Hamsters need something to chew on so their teeth stay worn down and healthy. Wood blocks and toys made from hay are good for this purpose, but avoid cedar, pine and soft plastic items, because they can be harmful if ingested.

EmmaOn the eighth day of Christmas our Branch came to see…..