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My rescue story

I was born in November 2019. I cannot remember much before I was rescued but all I know is I didn’t very feel well at all. I lived outside with lots of other cats in the wild; I heard those hoomans calling us a feral colony or something. One day, it was very cold and I remember seeing some different hoomans around. They had some tasty tasty food and were feeding us in these contraptions. They were also taking some of the other cats and they were returned later, with a small area shaved! These were the craziest of my many many cousins! I think they were far too wild to go to an indoor house, they would not be able to adapt, and they were happy and healthy outside. I learnt they also had a snip; at the time I didn’t know what that was, but I found out later hoomans also call it neutering. I think it means they cannot have more babies so our colony doesn’t get bigger and bigger. Some cats they had to keep because they were not doing so well. I was one of them.

I hadn’t eaten much and I kept sneezing all the time, my eyes had water coming out of them and my right eye was very sore. They took me to a bright place that smells weird and some other hoomans looked after me. I couldn’t eat or drink on my own so I had to have help, although I wasn’t really hungry to be honest. I couldn’t go to the toilet; all I could really do was sleep. Sometimes I managed to knock my food and water everywhere so the hoomans didn’t know if I had had a wee or a drink or anything! They gave me breakfast through a tube thing in my mouth, a syringe I think. I had special tablets and drops in my eyes that made me feel better and the hoomans seemed kind, like they liked me. They kept saying ‘Hello Salty’ whenever they appeared and gave me food so I started to learn it was a good thing! I was still unsure and a bit nervous as this whole thing was weird for me. After a while, I started to feel hungry and a little better. After the hoomans gave me more special tablets and after staring at me for a few days, to make sure I was being good and eating all of my dinner, I was ready to leave. I still felt a little weird but lots better. I was too little to go back to the colony and a bit too unwell for a new home, so I went to an indoor house, with a foster hooman where I could recover.

I was scared of the new indoor house at first, but the foster hooman made me a hiding place in my crate so I feel safe.

They also had another big cat, floppy ears, waggy tail and they called it dog. Strange, I think she was waiting for a new home too. I was nervous, but you know being a kitten and all I couldn’t resist the urge to pounce! I really wanted to be friends with foster hooman and dog so I tried my best and when I was ready, I ventured from my hidey hole and onto this squishy substance called carpet, which I must warn you, do not poo on! The hoomans told me this isn’t a litter tray!

Not long after, the lock up thing hit and that meant the hooman and dog didn’t go to work anymore. I loved it! I got so much attention; who knew that having cuddles was so much fun! Me and the dog, I think her name was Tinks, became great friends and we followed the hooman around everywhere!

Me and Tinks just hanging out. I liked to cuddle her on the sofa because she was soooo fluffy and  nice! She made me feel at home and told me all about foster hoomans and what they do. My foster hooman had a kitten before me and it went to a new forever house. Some foster hoomans have even smaller kittens than me that have to be fed by a bottle, and even other animals too.

After lock up, I was meant to go to a new permanent indoor house as I was strong enough to move to a new place. But the foster hooman couldn’t let me go and now, I live here forever!  I was about 3 months old when I arrived and I looked after her when she didn’t feel well. I also helped her with all of her work during lock up, tidying her paperworks, organising her pens, sitting on her box called a lap tops (I mean it’s inviting calling it a ‘laps’-top) so I am not surprised she kept me and it’s going to be for forever too!

Without the Animal Welfare Team coming to my rescue and without the vets making me get better and without the volunteer fosterer who gave me a home so I could get strong, I would not be here today.

The Branch as a whole works really hard and without each and every department, it could not helps me, my cousins or achieve the great results it does for animals in need, just like me.

But I was also told the Branch could not run at all if it wasn’t for these hoomans called supporters and volunteers. I would not have been rescued if the supporters did not donate or did not support us on the social thing, like Facebook.

So I want to say thank you, to all of you for rescuing me.


EmmaMy rescue story