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My life as a Fosterer: Precious Pecan

As I am a very active person, working from home wasn’t great at the beginning. But it did mean, I got to have lots of extra cuddles from my cats and foster kittens! I worked from home for the first couple of weeks, but then I was furloughed for three week; although the sunshine was amazing, I have never missed working so much in my life!

After coming back to work into the ‘new normal’ routines, I quickly had to adapt and learn the new ways of doing things, which was actually quite fun. Viewings became virtual, as did home visits and I became the ‘Animal drop off lady’, as I kept getting called by everyone. Members of the public were not allowed to visit our private boarding establishments (and still aren’t currently unless they are visiting dogs) which meant that I mainly, for a couple of months, had the task of picking up animals from the PBE or fosterer they were with and then dropping them off to their new homes all over Norfolk and Suffolk. Despite the lockdown as a team we have still managed to rehome 212 animals since April 1st, which is incredible!!

On the 11th June I brought home three little two week old kittens, that I named Almond, Chestnut & Pecan. They needed bottle feeding every three hours for a couple of weeks and then I had the fun job of weaning them onto normal food ready for adoption. Unfortunately around two weeks after they came home, Pecan took a turn for the worse, which meant a few visits to the night vet in the early hours. I had to administer fluids every 12 hours, feed her milk every 3 hours, feed her hydration water every 2 or 3 hours, give her eye drops 3 or 4 times a day and also give her an antibiotic twice daily; this was as well as working my normal hours around this. It felt like the longest two weeks of my life, but the fact that I knew she wouldn’t be survive without me, kept me going. It was discovered by the vets that she has enlarged kidneys which means it’s very likely she will have kidney issues in the future and sadly might not live a very long life. She is out of the deep end for now, but is still currently on eye drops and anti–inflammatory medication. She has her recheck coming up soon where fingers crossed she will get the all clear for rehoming and we can go on the search to find her the perfect forever home. She is the most loving and fun kitten I could ask for, she loves snuggles and has the loudest purr and cutest meow. She really is a precious little girl and she will make someone so happy to be her owner. Almond and Chestnut have stayed by her side throughout it all, giving her kisses when she needs them and snuggling up in a bundle when she needs some extra love. Almond and Chestnut have gone to their new homes now and Pecan will be looking for her new home soon, so keep an eye on our website on Tuesday mornings to apply!

Everything I’ve said above is exactly why I work for the RSPCA and exactly why I love animals. They depend on us to get them through hard times and out the other side. Doesn’t everyone want the pure love a rescue animal can bring?

AnnaMy life as a Fosterer: Precious Pecan