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Monday Quiz Answers

Here are the answers for the third of our weekly September quizzes! Every Monday we’ll be sharing some questions with you so you can learn more about us and what we do followed up by the answers on a Friday. If you missed the questions here’s a reminder. How did you do?

*Here’s a clue, you can find most of the answers to this on our website…


Question 1 – A – Move it away from danger and observe it. Dangers would include being near a road, water, or clearly visible to predators. We receive hundreds of “orphaned” birds each year, many of which are not orphaned. When fledglings leave the nest for the first few times their mother is close by watching them to ensure they are ok. Human intervention will lead to the mother abandoning the fledgling. Wild birds cannot receive the diet they need from humans so do not attempt to rear them yourself. By taking them to a wildlife centre when there is no need takes valuable time and resources away from the animals that really need our help. Please make yourself aware of the differences between a nestling (very young bird with few feathers) and a fledgling (older baby bird with a lot of feathers) so you know what to do with each by clicking here. 


Question 2 – B – 462. Since January we have rehomed 462 animals. These have ranged from cats and dogs to snakes, ferrets and budgies.  Our newsletter each month tells of “happy tails”, animals that have come into our care and found their forever home, please follow this link to sign up to receive our newsletter direct to your inbox. 


Question 3 – B – This is our Cromer Charity Shop! It’s a large shop on the sunny North Norfolk coast with an additional floor full of pre-loved furniture. Whether moving house, renting your holiday home or just having a change around we will find something to suit your needs from our vast array of goods. You can find them at: 13 Garden Street, Cromer. Norfolk, NR27 9HN

AnnaMonday Quiz Answers