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Monday Quiz! – 14th September

Needing something to kickstart your brain this Monday morning? Well you’re in luck! Here is the second of our weekly September quizzes! Every Monday we’ll be sharing some questions with you so you can learn more about us and what we do! Answers will be published here on Friday so keep your eyes peeled! Share what you think the answers are by emailing us.

*Here’s a clue, you can find most of the answers to this on our website…


Question 1 – If you found an injured badger on the road would you:

A) put it in a ventilated box and take it to the vet or wildlife centre

B) Call the RSPCA national number on 03001234999

C) Take it home and care for it yourself


Question 2 – How many team members make up the Education Department for the RSPCA Mid Norfolk and North Suffolk responsible for Education in Schools, youth groups, adult groups and events?

A) 4

B) 12

C) 1

Question 3 – Which one of our shops is in this photo?

A) Attleborough

B) Cromer

C) Magdalen Street Norwich

D) Queens Road Norwich

E) Sheringham

F) Wymondham


AnnaMonday Quiz! – 14th September