Postcode: NR330ha

Lost from: Bruce Street, Lowestoft
Date lost: 21/09/2020
Animal type: Cat
Breed: Mixed
Pet's age: 8 years
Pet's sex: Male
Colour: All Black
Neutered: Yes
Microchipped: No
Collar: No
Any other information:
On the 21st September Marley was taken/stolen from Bruce Street Lowestoft. He was taken to Three Rivers veterinary surgery in Beccles for treatment. Marley has food allergies, so his skin flares up. Marley was taken by a stranger without our permission. Three rivers surgery have said the person has returned Marley to Bruce Street lowestoft, after receiving treatment. We are unsure if this is the case. Please, if you have any information the where-abouts of Marley, please contact RSPCA, or myself 07497085419 Marley is an all black male, neutered 9yrs of age. Yellow eyes.

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Madeleine HallMarley