Postcode: Nr10 4as

Lost from: Cawston, Norwich
Date lost: 2021/12/27
Animal type: Cat
Breed: Long hair
Pet's age: 8 years
Pet's sex: Female
Colour: Tabby
Neutered: Yes
Microchipped: No
Collar: No
Any other information:
Very small and elderly, Blossom was the runt of a feral litter. She never goes further than our garden or the surrounding front yards of our cul-de-sac. She is always home and has not been seen now since mid morning on 27/12/21. She has long, tabby fur, a small cut in the right ear and will be stroked but can be feisty and has a constant scowl. She is quite scruffy, legs too long for her body!

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Madeleine HallBlossom