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Lockdown Kittens

We have some very special birthdays to celebrate!

The anniversary of the UK lockdown on the 23rd March means today, the 24th March, is the first birthday of our four lockdown kittens: Ash, Cinder, Coal and Ember!

These little cuties were born to a cat in our care called Puma in the early hours of the 24th March in the kitchen of our Animal Welfare Manager, Chloe. It took three hours with Chloe helping her every step of the way and by the morning, we had four more animals in our care. We shared weekly updates on them to show how quickly they were growing up and our wonderful supporters even chose their names for us!

One year on, we’ve gotten in touch with their new owners to find out how Puma and her babies are doing and to see what they are like now they are all grown up!


Puma came into our care from a multi cat household and our staff suspected that she was pregnant. A veterinary consult confirmed it and a couple of days later she gave birth to four beautiful kittens! After raising her babies to be big and strong she was ready to find her forever home and one year on she’s doing wonderfully:

Puma is a wonderful addition to our family. She has a reputation for being the noisiest cat in the neighbourhood and all my family laugh at how loud she is for such a little cat. She is always asking for attention and fuss with her loud miows and likes nothing better than a tickle under the chin. She has started coming to sit with us on the sofa and likes to spend her days napping my sons bed. She does like to pretend that we don’t feed her and will try to ask everyone for breakfast on the off chance that she will get another helping. We also have to watch all of our food as she will help herself to anything left unguarded!

She is a very playful and lively little character who will chase balls, pens, string and play with your hair. She also comes outside with us to play football and will run madly across the pitch or climb up the climbing frame to watch! She recently won first prize in the Norfolk County Council Looked After Children’s Pet Show for being the friendliest pet after we sent in a video of her playing with a bookmark and nearly falling off the bed. She has very much enjoyed having the children all at home and ‘helping’ with their home learning. We couldn’t love her anymore, she has won a forever place in our hearts. 


The cute little Ash was very active as a kitten but always loved a cuddle in the evening! He was rehomed along side with his sister Cinder and still loves to snuggle up!

Ash rests most of the day upstairs in bed and hits the streets in the early evening coming in and out when he thinks he can get a cuddle or two. He can’t get enough of the kids and will lick them on the face to help us wake them up!


Cinder was an inquisitive and naughty little kitten, one year on and it doesn’t look like much has changed!

She follows us around during the day (well, in between her naps).  She’s quite low key but she wants to be wherever we are.  She will get up from a nap and come into whatever room we’re in and resume her nap there.  She absolutely LOVES Lego!  She lays down right in the middle of the Lego pile and watches the kids as they play.  

Both Cinder and Ash are still very close and still love to nap together and play with each other!

They tirelessly patrol the garden in search of said vermin and keep the family safe! They are very nice to each other.  They will nap together at times and they play all the time. I’ve only heard them get angry when playing once or twice so it’s always a friendly little romp. 


Coal was an affectionate little kitten with white toes and little white socks on his back feet. As you can see he found his most flattering pose as a young lad and still uses it now!

Coal came to us in May and settled in really quickly. He is the naughtiest cat ever and is showing no signs of coming out of his kitten phase! I wonder if his siblings are the same? He is a very handsome boy as you will see and kept the white love heart on his chest. Our other cat is always bringing in mice she has caught and he has attempted to do the same – on both occasions though he has brought back mice which are still attached to traps! Goodness where they came from but he works smarter not harder clearly He and the other cat do sleep beside each other on my bed but he does like to attack her tail which produces some hissing. I am hoping when he calms and stops wanting to jump on her and play she will be more tolerant! 
He wrecked the Christmas tree, loves to sleep in the sink and had real fun in the snow recently. 


Ember was the fluffball of the litter! This little lady kept you on your toes and from what her owners say it looks like this hasn’t changed!

She was a beautiful little kitten her fur has gotten so much darker over time and she is just so sweet. She loves to jump in the bath and dig for ages. She also loves when we clean the hamsters out, she chases them around in their exercise balls and like to play. She loves playing with our other cat Poppy too and chases bouncy balls around the house with the children. She is extremely vocal, she jumps around the house meowing to herself. She loves pouncing on Poppy when she is coming through the door and playing with the little mice they have lying around. Always find them asleep together on my oldest daughters bed. 
She has grown into a mischievous playful little cat and she loves a cuddle but only on her terms, however mornings are always cuddle time while she asks for breakfast. Her tail is a whole other story, I can’t actually believe how much fur she has and how long it is on her tail. 

We hoped you enjoyed catching up with our lockdown kittens as much as we did! If you missed our updates last time, you can still check watch them grow up on our Instagram highlights.

We love seeing how our previous residents are getting on so if you’ve adopted an animal from us and would like us to share their story, please get in touch!

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