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Lily & Luna

Here it is, our first adoption story blog! This lovely blog is about Lily and Luna, a couple of beautiful kittens that came to us as part of a litter when they were really small! The cute little sisters were found and collected from a feral site and were a little hissy and grumpy when they first came into our care! It didn’t take all of them long to start settling in though and below, you can read how Lily and Luna are getting on in their new forever home.

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Lily, Luna and their siblings when they were in our care. All looking extremely cute!!

“We adopted Lily and Luna back in December and when they arrived they were obviously very timid. We made sure to show them they were safe and loved and wanted. 3 months on and they’ve settled in really well, and have us wrapped around their little paw pads! They’re very loving, and are prone to bouts of mad dashes around the house. They’ve both discovered a love of boxes, investigating my husband’s pc camera during zoom conference calls, and sun worshiping together on top of their cat tree!

And Lily loves to Chase people around the house if you run away from her 😃

The adoption process itself was made so very easy by Charlotte, and though we were both nervous, we were given all the information we could need about being new adoptive cat parents. I’m very glad to say that at 5 months old both Lily and Luna are still very close to each other, and we can’t thank the lovely people at RSPCA Norfolk enough for bringing these two gorgeous girls into our lives.”

Having snuggles together

Couldn't resist a close up!

EmmaLily & Luna