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Kitten Naming Competition Update!

*Cuteness alert* We have a kitten update!

You may have seen our recent update about Puma, a gorgeous black cat who came from a multi-cat household and gave birth to four healthy babies. We are happy to say that these little bundles of fluff are doing very well and have already gotten much bigger!

We asked for your help naming them and we had so many lovely suggestions for what to call these little bundles of fluff we just couldn’t decide on so have decided to put it to you, our wonderful supporters!

We’ve narrowed it down to four options, so have a look and let us know which names you think we should go for! The result will be published here on Friday evening! 😸

🐾 Ash, Coal, Cinder, Ember
🐾 Neve, Harry, Sarah and Edward (NHS England)
🐾 Neo, Morpheus, Trinity, Niobe
🐾 Cordelia, Viola, Tybalt and Mercutio

We’d also still really appreciate any donations, big or small, to help us look after these beautiful kittens. We have lots of animals in our care currently including other nursing mumma cats and want to give them the love and security they deserve. To donate, simply click here or you can send us items for our animals through our Amazon Wishlist
We’ll be giving regular updates about the new arrivals in our newsletter, so please subscribe if you want to learn more about them and watch them grow!
AnnaKitten Naming Competition Update!