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It’s the last day of Trustees week!

This week, we have been celebrating the hard work and commitment of our Trustees because without them, our organisation simply couldn’t run.

Trustees of the RSPCA Mid Norfolk and North Suffolk Branch are responsible for overseeing the overall governance and strategic vision of the Branch; representing the Branch in a manner which is sympathetic to its core mission and values.

Trustees are the backbone of every charity, and are always at the forefront of the governance and strategic direction that the charity takes.
We are very fortunate to have such a supportive, united and passionate board of Trustees at the RSPCA Mid Norfolk & North Suffolk Branch, who work closely with myself and the operations team to ensure that our charitable objectives are delivered, helping improve the lives of animals and their owners.
As the CEO of a growing charity, I am very lucky to work so closely with a professional Board of Trustees who bring a broad set of skills to their Trustee roles. I value their support and guidance immensely, and through our cohesive working practices, I am confident that the Branch will continue to flourish and provide outstanding animal welfare in the years to come.

Gregory Brown, CEO

Our mission is to “To raise awareness, provide practical support and demonstrate compassion in order to deliver excellent animal welfare in our Branch area.”

Stephen Read

Stephen Read is the Treasurer of RSPCA Mid Norfolk and North Suffolk Branch. He has overall accountability for the finances and it could be good news that he is a chartered accountant. He has held various executive finance roles across East Anglia over the years although he is not local. He is from a Lincolnshire farming family and whilst his family had many animals when he was younger, the farm is now purely arable.

For me being a Trustee is about learning from peers who are passionate and enthusiastic about our cause. I am fortunate to work with fabulous colleagues, both Trustees and staff, who are prepared to stand up and put forward their ideas about how we can make a difference. It’s so refreshing to debate these and not be hamstrung by doing more of the same but more effectively. It’s that desire to strive to be out of the ordinary that gives me a buzz. We do have plenty of governance to consider as Trustees, but where we shine is looking at how we can move the Branch to better things. A good Board of Trustees does need a mix of skills and professionals, although some of our best ideas come from those who aren’t formally trained. Having a mix of Trustees is so important. Enthusiasm for the cause and being prepared to communicate your ideas are attributes that I value from others. No potential Trustee should feel they don’t have the skills, training & support can be provided. Passion can’t.

Stephen Read, Treasurer

Jo Church

Like so many people, I have always described myself as an animal lover. More of a dog person these days if I’m honest. But actually over the years since childhood I’ve kept all sorts of animals, from ponies and horses to hamsters and goldfish. I might walk into a room and forget what I went in for…or I might lose my glasses when they’re on top of my head, but I remember every single pet I ever had. Want to hear more? Click here to read Jo’s blog.

Are you thinking about becoming a Trustee for our Branch? For more information, please get in touch by calling us on 0303 040 1565 or emailing and we will be happy to help!

We have an extensive recruitment process to ensure you are well looked after and once your application is successful, we offer a full Branch induction where you will have the opportunity to meet the team!

“I’d describe the induction process where I met individual members of the team and found out how the Branch works, as being like walking into a room full of people who’re all standing chatting, with a cup of tea or glass of wine in their hand…and they all turn and smile and are genuinely pleased to say hello and start a conversation. (I really need to get out more, I know). But that’s the best description I can think of”.- Jo Church, Trustee

Thank you to all of our Trustees for the amazing work you do to help animals in need.

If you have a certain skill set or you just love animals and want to make a difference, apply by clicking here.

EmmaIt’s the last day of Trustees week!