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It’s the season for fireworks

It’s getting colder and bonfire night is getting closer. This can be such a fun event for families however as you may know, fireworks can be very scary for animals. We all want to have fun and we can do so by being mindful of our pets and wildlife.
If you have concerns for your pets this season, follow these top tips from the National RSPCA.

If you are building a bonfire in your garden this month, please think about how this may affect wildlife. Before you light your fire follow these five useful tips below to help you keep an eye out for animals.

  • Don’t build your bonfire until the day you need it. Remember, this will look like a lovely winter shelter for them so ensure there is less time for them to find it and to settle down.
  • Always place the bonfire on open ground. If you place it on top of leaves or close to a hedge, you could potentially harm birds, hedgehogs or insects that are seeking shelter in the leaves.
  • Check before lighting your bonfire. Just in case any animals have managed to take shelter inside.
  • Light your bonfire from one corner. This will give any animals inside that you didn’t spot, more chance with more exits to escape.
  • Have a hose close by. If you do see an animal once you have started your bonfire, you will be able to put it out quickly!
EmmaIt’s the season for fireworks