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I’m fostering mice!

We get many applications for volunteer fosterers, in fact we have around 30 being processed as we speak! But only one of them has the preference to foster small animals such as rabbits or mice. Whilst we generally tend to have more cats in our care, our smaller friends also need that love and care that a fosterer could bring before they go to their forever home.

In the past I have fostered kittens and dogs and this has been really lovely and rewarding. Pictured is Salty Darling and Tinks; I am sure you have seen this cheeky duo in my previous blogs as they are big blog stars! Both are in their forever homes now (I adopted Salty). I am currently fostering little mice because they also need that love and care whilst they are waiting for their forever home. At first, I wondered what Salty would do, however he is not interested in them at all. I do keep them in a separate room with the door closed so Salty has his space and the mice have theirs.

They are funny little creatures with so much personality. They are fascinating to watch and are very cute! I have two tanks, one of which has four cheeky boys who are looking for their forever home and the other one has two little ones that are playful and sweet. I am currently trying to get the little ones used to being handled, they were born whilst in our care and are getting more confident every day. Unlike the four boys, they are not ready for their forever home yet but will be soon. They will go onto our website when they are however take a look at our adoption page for the four boys, Pyrite, Topaz, Turquoise and Zinc!

Here are the ‘lads’ having a snuggle together and also being cheeky when I was cleaning them out!

EmmaI’m fostering mice!