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I want to adopt a mouse

Hi everyone!

We are the mineral mice and we are looking for our new forever homes! There are 6 of us brothers and we were signed over to another RSPCA Branch after our breeding got out of control. We were 6 of the 200 mice found in 1 house! We must be housed in groups of two or more as we are social creatures and we would love an enclosure with tunnels and things to chew on! We must be kept in same sex groups… we really don’t need to multiply anymore!

Our fosterer says we are cheeky, really fun to watch and lovely to cuddle. We don’t mind being carefully handled and a little bit of love and care really goes a long way.

For more information, take a look at our adoption page on our website (using the link below). You can also call us on 03030401565 or email us at

Remember Gypsum, Iodine and Lime, our previous adoption stars from our previous newsletters?  Well they have been adopted and are finally in their forever home! They have been renamed, Wensley, Brie and Phili, all after cheese! They look like they have really landed on their little feet with their new owner Freddie who said, “I love having mice because they are fun and I love it when they crawl up my hands”. We think these three ladies are very lucky and it goes to show just what great pets mice can be!

EmmaI want to adopt a mouse