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How I met my cat Archie

We love a good adoption story and this one is just lovely! Read on to learn how Lynn, our Chair Trustee, met her beloved cat Archie.

One Saturday evening in late 2019, I was informed of a plea for assistance from a lady who had lost her long-haired cat. She had been told by a member of the public there was a cat matching the description of hers literally stuck in a thorn bush near where her cat had gone missing. The lady had rushed down to the location, but unfortunately it was not her cat. However, being a cat lover, she spent time freeing the cat from the bush, but then did not know what to do with it as being a Saturday night, it was after veterinary practice opening hours. She ended up taking it to the after-hours vets who scanned the cat but there was no microchip present to identify an owner. Because it was not deemed to be an emergency the after-hours vets were unable to take the cat in, and the lady had no facility to keep the cat overnight. So, I offered to keep the cat overnight in a spare bedroom, knowing I could then take it to one of the Branch partner veterinary practices the next day, where we could authorise for it be taken into RSPCA care while we tried to reunite the cat with its owner.

So, the cat (now named Archie) was dropped off to me around 7:00pm on the Saturday night and while he was in a poor condition with matted fur, fleas and was very hungry and dehydrated, he was so gentle and a real softy who just wanted cuddles. Because of this I was really confident that he had been owned and that the RSPCA would have a chance of locating his owner. I emailed the details to our Animal Welfare Manager to let her know I would take Archie to one of our Branch partner veterinary practices (on this occasion it was Companion Care) for a full veterinary health check before passing him over to our Animal Welfare Team for the mandatory stray-hold period (8+ days) while they tried to locate his family.

It goes without saying that within those 12 hours that I had Archie staying with me, I had fallen for him, so I informed the Animal Welfare Team that if they could not locate his owner, I would happily adopt him. I dropped him off at the vets on Sunday (after lots of cuddles) and they estimated that he was around 10 – 11 years old. Every day I checked in with the Animal Welfare Team to see if there was any progress with finding Archie his home and despite all their efforts and advertising him as found, no one came forward. So, 10 days later I formally adopted him.

I have 11 other cats and Archie immediately fitted in to our household – not a single hiss. He was clearly used to being an indoor cat, as he was initially quite nervous about going outside in the garden (which has cat-secure fencing), but now he loves nothing better than basking in the sun on the patio. He is a real character; he will swipe food off your plate and will literally try anything (no food on your tray/plate is safe!). He loves meeting new people (be it virtually at present) and makes regular guest appearances on my work video meetings. One downside is that he snores like a trooper which does make for a few sleepless nights as his preferred sleeping place is on the pillow next to me! Over the last six months he is starting to show signs of dementia (which is often around 3:00am…!), but I simply adore him and am so glad I have been able to give him his forever home in his twilight years.

EmmaHow I met my cat Archie