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Help Birds this Autumn

As it cools down, we are all wondering whether it is too early to turn the heating on!

Wildlife can struggle at this time of year so read on to see
a visual representation from the National RSPCA website, on how you can help your lovely garden birds this Autumn.

For more on garden birds, click here to be taken top to the RSPB website.

Below are just four of the many common garden birds you may see in your garden this October!


Robins are a very popular garden bird! They are brown with a white belly and red breast. Younger Robins are more of a mottled gold and brown.


Younger Stallings are a dark grey-brown whilst adults are oily-black with a purple-and-green sheen. They also have tiny, beige spots in winter.


As you can see, males are black with a yellow bill and yellow ring around the eye. Females and younger Blackbirds are a dark brown.

Blue tit

These cute little birds are greeny-blue and yellow underneath. They have a blue cap, white cheeks, black eye stripes, and a blue tail and wings

For more on garden birds, click here to be taken to the RSPB website.

EmmaHelp Birds this Autumn