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#ForeverHomeFriday: Meet Florida

This is a new series where we catch up with our previous adopters and find out how they and their new family member is getting on! Want to be featured? Get in touch.

First up, meet Florida!


“Adopting from the RSPCA was the best thing I’ve ever done. It was an easy, stress free, straight forward process.

RSPCA always put the animal first and were clear about Florida’s needs and that it would take a lot of patience and trust. He has been like a little miracle cat, as Florida adapted to being from outside into a flat and he’s literally living his best life. He has adapted very well and as his confidence has grown, his cheeky, loving personality is beaming!  Loving affection and cuddles, he loves his routine and is so loving in return. It’s very much turned into a special bond, some would say I rescued Florida, I disagree. He rescued me. My anxiety is loads less and having him has given me responsibility which has kept me on track. He’s amazing.”

Have you adopted from us and want to be featured as our #ForeverHomeFriday? Get in touch! 

Anna#ForeverHomeFriday: Meet Florida