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Our second adoption story is all about Elton. Elton came to us as part of a multi cat household and whilst within our care he was found to be positive for FIV, meaning he would need to be indoor only.

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Me and my partner adopted Elton (previously named Florida) from the Branch late November 2020 when he was 2 (he’s now recently celebrated his 3rd birthday with us!). At first he was very nervous and it took about 6 weeks for him to properly settle in. As we adopted him during the pandemic, we were unable to visit him first before we adopted him so we weren’t sure if he would like us and vice versa. However we couldn’t imagine our lives without him now.
He is very cheeky and mischievous, he definitely tries to get into cupboards and things he shouldn’t! He is also very affectionate and let’s us know when he wants cuddles by meowing and leading us to his favourite spot where he will lie down and purr. He is FIV+ which means he has to stay inside in case he becomes ill, but he likes to watch the outside world from his cat tree. He also loves to play with feather toys and will wiggle his bum in excitement before zooming through his cat tunnel to get the feather toy at the end. He definitely provides us with lots of laughs and entertainment!

Winning at scrabble

Relaxing in my bed

Ready for cuddles!

The RSPCA Mid Norfolk & North Suffolk Branch were very helpful throughout the adoption process and were very knowledgeable. We got loads of info booklets and documentation on Elton when we adopted him too which is really useful for vets etc.
Elton has really helped lift our spirits over lockdown and given us something to wake up for each day. Elton wakes us up in the morning by jumping on us and wanting strokes and similarly we go to bed each night giving him a good fuss. He’s come on leaps and bounds since we first got him – he is much less nervous now and enjoys being around us. Everyday with him around is a joy.