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On the second day of Christmas our Branch came to see…..

Two Micro Pigs!

In April two Micro Pigs were signed over into our care because their owner could no longer care for them. The pigs were living in a flat and although a lot of people think these pigs can be indoor pets, Micro- and mini-pigs have very specific welfare needs that must be met to keep them happy and healthy.

When they arrived, they went to live with one of our dedicated and experienced foster carers who in the end, ended up adopting them both!

However before they were moved to their foster home, we had to apply for an emergency DEFRA license in order to have them. Pet pigs have specific needs and, like farmed pigs, there are strict laws concerning their diet, identification and movement. It can be challenging to look after them properly, which you need to do under the Animal Welfare Act.

Here are some facts from the National RSPCA concerning Micro pigs.

  • All pigs have a strong desire to root, which means they need continual access to suitable areas for rooting, otherwise they can become destructive.
  • Being small may make it difficult for micro- and mini- pigs to keep warm, so they must always have access to a suitable shelter that includes a comfortable, dry lying area and appropriate bedding.
  • Without a stimulating environment, micro- and mini-pigs are highly likely to show negative behaviours, such as stereotypic behaviour (behaviours that are repeated without an obvious purpose).
  • Micro- and mini-pigs need to be housed in social groups with other friendly, similar-sized pigs, not only because they are social herd animals but also because they can become aggressive to their owners if housed alone.

Under the Animal Welfare Act, 2006, pet owners are legally required to meet the needs of their animals. Due to their complex needs, the RSPCA is concerned about how well micro- and mini-pigs can be cared for by non-specialist keepers

EmmaOn the second day of Christmas our Branch came to see…..